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October 22, 2014

Ibaraki Bando Hokoten

1. Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao Vs Daisuke Sasaki, Makoto Oishi & Gota Ihashi
2. 4 Way Tag Team Match: HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano Vs Sanshiro Takagi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Antonio Honda & Tetsuya Endo Vs Michael Nakazawa & Tomomitsu Matsunaga

Bando Hokoten is a street filled with outdoor shops and cafes. DDT will be holding two wrestling matches as part of a tourist promotion.

DDT “DDT SPECIAL 2014”, 26/10/2014
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
DDT Dramatic General Election Ranking In Parentheses

0. Dark Match: MIKAMI (#21) Vs Shunma Katsumata (#24)
0. Dark Match: Shigehiro Irie (#23) Vs Daisuke Sasaki (#22)
1. Yukio Sakaguchi (#17) Vs Super Sasadango Machine (#18)
2. Kazuki Hirata (#11) Vs Tetsuya Endo (#20)
3. Saki Akai (#6) & Makoto Oishi (#16) Vs Cherry (#7) & Yasu Urano (#11)
4. Keisuke Ishii (#4) & Soma Takao (#8) Vs KUDO (#10) & Masa Takanashi (#15)
5. Dramatic Send Off ~ Kenny Omega Last DDT Match – Falls Count Anywhere Match: Kota Ibushi (#1) & Kenny Omega (#18) Vs Danshoku Dino (#5) & Konosuke Takeshita (#18).
6. DDT Extreme Title – Give Up Only Match: Akito (c) (#9) Vs Antonio Honda (#13)
7. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) (#3) Vs Isami Kodaka (#2)

Akito has decided he will defend the DDT Extreme Title against Antonio Honda in a Give Up Only match. While Akito uses the Triangle Scorpion as his submission finisher, Honda has won plenty of matches with the Octopus Hold.

Komazawa Olympic Park

4 Way Tag Team Match: Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki Vs Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai Vs KUDO & Gota Ihashi Vs Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang

DDT will show up at the Tokyo Ramen Show (apparently one of the largest outdoor ramen events in Tokyo) and they are bringing Jun Kasai and New Beijing with them.


October 19, 2014


DDT “OMORI UTAN FESTA 2014”, 19/10/2014
Tokyo JR Omori Station
1,019 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. UTAN FESTA Exhibition Match: Asaki Honda Vs Shibata ended in a Time Limit Draw (5:00).
1. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi when Irie pinned Takanashi with the Flying Sausage (7:50).
2. Tokyo Joshi Pro Presents: Miyu Yamashita, KANNA & Erin defeated Nonoko, Shoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki when Yamashita pinned Sakazaki with the Crash Rabbit Heat (12:09).
3. Next Omori Title Challenger Battle Royal: Makoto Oishi defeated Soma Takao by Ring Out (7:32).
Order Of Elimination: Sanshiro Takagi, MIKAMI, KUDO, Tomomitsu Matsnaga, Michael Nakazawa and Soma Takao.
4. Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki defeated Chikara & Yumehito Imanari when Sasaki pinned Imanari with the Now Or Never (11:23).
5. Omori World Title: Gurukun Mask defeated Danshoku Dino (c) with the Gurukun Driver (9:15)
*Danshoku Dino fails in V6. Gurukun becoms the 5th Omori World Champion!
6. Antonio Honda, Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo defeated HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano & Akito when Honda submitted Akito with the Ocotopus Hold (20:51).

Antonio Honda got the better of Akito in the main event match between Happy Motel and Smile Squash. Honda submitted the DDT Extreme Champion with the Octopus Stretch. There is no doubt he wants to add that title to go with Happy Motel’s KO-D Tag Team Titles.

Danshoku Dino’s five year run as Omori World Champion has finally come to an end. Gurukun Mask won a Battle Royal at last year’s Omori Station event and had to wait a year to get his title shot. Late in the match Gurukun gained posession of Dino’s shorts and put them on to gain the ability to do Danshoku moves. That proved to be the difference maker as he gave Dino the Lip Lock followed by his own version of the Danshoku Driver to become the new champion. Makoto Oishi won a Battle Royal earlier in the show to become the No. 1 Contender. He appeared after the title match and was carried down to ringside by the trainee Kazusada Higuchi to taunt the new champion.


A wrestler impersonation contest was held during the show. Contestants dressed up and impersonated as their favourite wrestlers. There were impersonations of Riki Choshu, Ricky Fuji, a female Atsushi Onita, Gedo, Shinsuke Nakamura, Mitsuharu Misawa and a five year old boy as Danshoku Dino. Tomomitsu Matsunaga was the judge and he chose Nakamura as the winner with Gedo and 5 year old Dino as the runners up.

Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie had female comedian Magical☆Ayaka in their corner for the opener.


October 18, 2014


DDT “DRAMATIC FANCLUB Vol. 1”, 18/10/2014
Tokyo Asakusa Hanayashiki
250 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Exhibiton Match: Ryota Nakatsu Vs Koju Iwasaki ended in a Time Limit Draw (5:00).
0. Exhibiton Match: Kazusada Higuchi defeated Kota Umeda with a Boston Crab (3:47).
1. MIKAMI defeated Makoto Oishi with the 450 Splash (5:50).
2. 3 Way Match: Tomomitsu Matsunaga defeated Michael Nakazawa and Gota Ihashi when Matsunaga pinned both Nakazawa and Ihashi (8:08).
3. Danshoku Dino & Antonio Honda defeated Soma Takao & Shunma Katsumata when Honda pinned Katsumata with the Diving Fist Drop (14:04).
4. Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki defeated Sanshiro Takagi & Kazuki Hirata when Ibushi pinned Hirata with the Sit Down Last Ride (10:08).
5. Keisuke Ishii & Konosuke Takeshita Vs Shigehiro Irie & Tetsuya Endo ended in a Time Limit Draw (20:00).
6. HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano & Akito defeated KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi when HARASHIMA pinned Takanashi with the Somato (16:51).

DDT has begun holding exclusive wrestling events for their fan club. Tickets were only available to members but there was no matches announced in advance. Nobody knew what they were going to get until the show took place.

The main event was the latest six-man tag match between Smile Squash and Shuten-dōji but the semi-main event was unexpected. Two teams were mixed together as Keisuke Ishii & Konosuke Takeshita fought Shigehiro Irie & Tetusya Endo to a 20 minute draw. There was no bad blood between any of the wrestlers fighting their partners. After the match Ishii declared a challenge to the KO-D Tag Team Champions.

The Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki Vs Sanshiro Takagi & Kazuki Hirata match wound up going outside of the venue and into the streets. Ibushi and Takagi were the ones fighting outdoors and Ibushi was able to Moonsault off of a small panda car. Hirata was still inside the building dancing while all this was going on. Ibushi returned to the ring a stopped the dancing with a Missile Dropkick. He then hit the Sit Down Last Ride for the win.

Danshoku Dino, Antonio Honda, Soma Takao and Shunma Katsumata all wound up wrestling bare-assed during their match due to Danshoku shenanigans.

All three former members of Pigging faced each other in a 3 Way Match. Tomomitsu Matsunaga proposed that the loser of the match would suffer a punishment. That punishment was the loser would have to pray at a nearby temple while still wearing his wrestling gear. Michael Nakazawa and Gota Ihashi both agreed to the stipulation and teamed up to try and beat Matsunaga. However, Matsunaga kept rolling out of the ring whenever he was in danger. His opponents eventually got literally tired of dragging him back into the ring so they fought each other. Nakazawa hit Ihashi with the Ultimate Venom Arm and collapsed on top of him. Matsunaga then jumped on top of the both of them for a double pin and won the match. Nakazawa and Ihashi went to pray at the temple in their gear after the show.

Two exhibition matches were held featuring some of DDT’s recently revealed trainees.


October 17, 2014


Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
75 Fans

1. URRC Special Tag Match: Hamuko Hoshi & Kurumi defeated Aoi Ishibashi & Manami Koda when Kurumi pinned Koda with a Diving Body Press (8:20).
2. Special Recruit Match: Yuji Kito defeated Tiger Bed Scene with the BALS (11:40).
3. Mr. Showtime Is Back!! Shota Ganbare☆Wrestling Comeback: Shota Vs Madoka ended in a Double Pin Draw (8:54).
4. No DQ Match: Chikara & Yumehito Imanari defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura when Imanari pinned Kawamura with the Headlock Driver (13:23).
5. This Is Ganbare☆Pro-Wrestling: Osamu Namiguchi defeated Ken Ohka with the Lanakila-X (11:56).

Even though they teamed together to face common enemies, Ken Ohka and Osamu Namiguchi became enemies once more. Namiguchi blocked the Spear Of Fire and won with the Lanakila-X. After the match Namiguchi called Ohka a dickward but promised they would have another match again in the future. Their moment was interrupted when Mitomi Masayuki ran into the ring with a chair and attacked both men. The returning Shota came to the rescue but the used the chair on Ohka! When Shota left, Ohka was reduced to tears by the betrayal until Namiguchi slapped some sense into him.

A No DQ match was a necessary stipulation for Power Of Dreams Vs Union Sekigun. The two teams fought to a no contest a month ago and had to be pulled apart. Chairs and chains caused blood to be spilled. Chikara was very effective with his chopping attacks, even using the move to smack the chair into his opponents while they held it. Yumehito Imanari could not contain his joy after he pinned Tomoya Kawamura with the Headlock Driver. He told the Union wrestlers that Ganpuro is a magnetic field that keeps drawing them in and he will be in the ring waiting for them.

The injured Hong Kong International Police Man appeared to explain why he was unable to wrestle today. He came to Japan wanting to show off the Hong Kong police force but he injured himself while chasing a criminal. When he caught up to the criminal he tried to Brainbuster him but it was reversed, causing the injury. He apologised but his hat and sunglasses suddenly fell off as he bowed. Police Man was revealed to be Atsushi Maruyama, master of disguise! Maruyama apologised like he always does and said he will never return, like he always does.

A blunder from Shota ruined his comeback match. He had Madoka pinned with a Japanese Leg Roll Clutch but his shoulders were also touching the canvas. The ref counted the pin for both wrestlers and as a result it was a draw.

Yumehito Imanari was excited to introduce the Ultimate Reverse RIZAP Championship, an idol project for chubby joshi wrestlers. He came up with the idea two months ago because he thinks advertisements for diets like RIZAP which show skinny women are all a “cock and ball story” and he wants to support women to be who they want to be. He was impressed with the tag team match involving the four participants, now it was time to find an ace for the project. Aoi Ishibashi and Kurumi both rejected his request. Ishibashi thought it was tasteless and Kurumi said she is just going through a growth phase. Hamuko Hoshi accepted because she wanted to be a proud role model for her child. But Imanari turned her down because he didn’t know she was married and he doesn’t want married women to be involved. All that was left was the woman who lost the match, Manami Koda. Imanari told her she had potential and would get another opportunity at the next event, this time against a male wrestler.

Shinichiro Tominaga Vs Tiger Bed Scene was announced for 16th November.

Akito Vs Honda, Joshi At The Boat Races

October 17, 2014

DDT “DDT SPECIAL 2014”, 26/10/2014
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
DDT Dramatic General Election Ranking In Parentheses

0. Dark Match: MIKAMI (#21) Vs Shunma Katsumata (#24)
0. Dark Match: Shigehiro Irie (#23) Vs Daisuke Sasaki (#22)
1. Yukio Sakaguchi (#17) Vs Super Sasadango Machine (#18)
2. Kazuki Hirata (#11) Vs Tetsuya Endo (#20)
3. Saki Akai (#6) & Makoto Oishi (#16) Vs Cherry (#7) & Yasu Urano (#11)
4. Keisuke Ishii (#4) & Soma Takao (#8) Vs KUDO (#10) & Masa Takanashi (#15)
5. Dramatic Send Off ~ Kenny Omega Last DDT Match – Falls Count Anywhere Match: Kota Ibushi (#1) & Kenny Omega (#18) Vs Danshoku Dino (#5) & Konosuke Takeshita (#18).
6. DDT Extreme Title: Akito (c) (#9) Vs Antonio Honda (#13)
7. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) (#3) Vs Isami Kodaka (#2)

After Akito defended the DDT Extreme Title against Soma Takao in Sapporo last week, Antonio Honda threw out the challenge for a title shot. Akito and Honda just so happened to already be facing each other in Korakuen Hall so the title match was easy to make.

Saitama Boat Race Toda Event Hall

1. Miyu Yamashita & Erin Vs KANNA & Shoko Nakajima
2. Shoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki Vs Chikage Kiba & Akane Miura
3. Miyu Yamashita & Ai Shimizu Vs Nonoko & Erin

Ai Shimizu is hosting a talk show at a boat racing event next month and Tokyo Joshi Pro will provide wrestling matches during it. The first match takes place in the morning while the other two will happen in the afternoon.


October 15, 2014


Keisei Main Line Station Rotary Kozunomori

1. KANNA defeated Shoko Nakajima with the Ohka.
2. Miyu Yamashita & Erin defeated Nonoko & Yuka Sakazaki when Yamashita pined Sakazaki with the Crash Rabbit Heat.

The matches took place on a mat outdoors during the Oyaketsu Festival. Since many of the people watching were not wrestling fans, Shoko Nakajima and Yuka Sakazaki explained the rules of pro wrestling before the matches began and also encouraged the audience to cheer for the girls involved.

Much like when DDT holds matches outdoors, the main event saw everyone bring the fight away from the designated area. Nonoko and Sakazaki even brought back some frankfurters to eat while they fought Miyu Yamashita & Erin. At one point a little boy got involved in the match by trying to attack Sakazaki! Yamshita pinned Sakazaki to win the match for her team. Afterwards the little boy jumped on Sakazaki to pin her and the rest of the girls counted to three. Afterwards they joked that when the boy grows up he will be known as “the man who pinned Yuka Sakazaki”.


October 13, 2014

Sapporo Teisan Hall
314 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Keitaro Kawamura (3) Vs Akihiro Yamamoto (3) ended in a Time Limit Draw (5:00).
2. Masaki Miyabo (3) defeated Takashimi Ono (2) by Points Decision (5:00).
3. Masaki Nishi (3) defeated Akira Yamamoto (2) by Points Decision (5:00).
4. Red Dragon defeated Toshiaki Kindaichi with a Modified Leg Splitter (3:19).
5. Grappling Rules: Kazuyasu Takahashi defeated Yoshito Takeuchi with a Grounded Cobra Stretch (1:01).
6. Masahiro Nina (3) defeated Satoshi Wakahara (2) by Points Decision (5:00).
7. Hokuto Omori (3) Vs Gen Sasaki (3) ended in a Time Limit Draw (5:00).
8. Liger Kanzaki (3) Vs Tetsuo Onuma (3) ended in a Time Limit Draw (5:00).

Sapporo Teisan Hall
314 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Hiroshi Kozakai (1D/0E/0P) defeated Shibata (1D/2E/0P) by TKO (3:49).
2. Yukio Sakaguchi (0D/0E/0P) defeated Hayato Mashita (2D/0E/0P) by KO with a High Kick (2:26).
3. Tomoya Miyashita Memorial Tag Match: Manabu Hara & Yukio Kubota (0D/3E/0P) defeated Mitsuhisa Sunabe & Shuichiro Katsumura (2D/0E/0P) when Hara submitted Katsumura with a Chickenwing (7:18).
4. Ryo Kawamura (1D/0E/0P) Vs Super Tiger (1D/0E/0P) ended in a Time Limit Draw (10:00).
5. HARASHIMA (1D/1E/0P) defeated Hikaru Sato (0D/1E/0P) with a Cross Armlock (7:56).
6. Kenichi Yamamoto 20th Anniversary & Retirement Match: Kenichi Yamamoto (1D/3E/0P) defeated Ryuki Ueyama (1D/1E/0P) with an Achilles Tendon Lock (11:53).

During his retirement speech Kenichi Yamamoto said he moved to Hokkaido three years ago. He called Hokkaido the sacred home of UWF. He thinks now is the time to pass the baton to the new era of fighters.

Hikaru Sato says he wants to have a big match for Hard Hit’s next show in December.


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