Hikaru Sato In AJPW, Omega To SMASH, Sawa To EVOLVE (Into Sawasaur)

A brief note on a few outside adventures featuring DDT related talent. Hikaru Sato is currently taking part in All Japan Pro Wrestling for their annual Jr. Heavyweight League. He is already onto a good start in the competition, pinning Hiroshi Yamato in their bout with a German Suplex to win 2 points in Block A. That show was held in Korakuen Hall and took place on the same day as DDT’s Peter Pan show in Sumo Hall. Sato’s next match takes place today in Saitama and his opponent is the AJPW Jr. Heavyweight ChampionKaz Hayashi.

Kenny Omega will make his debut for Tajiri’s SMASH promotion on the 30th August in Shinjuku FACE. He will take on another Canadian wrestler, Mentallo, who has been a familiar face (er… mask) to SMASH fans since the promotion’s first show back in March.

Finally KO-D Tag Team Champion, Munenori Sawa will make a trip back to the US in September for the fifth EVOLVE show. He will be in the main event taking on Bryan Danielson in a match I am really excited to see take place.


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