Ruins Pro-Wrestling Results

Moriya Friend Park, Ibaraki
120 Fans

1. KO-D Tag Team Title & Moriya Tag Team Title, 3 Way Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Munenori Sawa (c) defeated HARASHIMA & Hiroyo Matsumoto and Kenji Abe & Mitsuhiro Yoshida (c) when Sawa submitted Yoshida with the Octopus Hold (16:11).
*V8 For Takagi & Sawa.

The “Greatest Title Run Ever” ™ moves on with great momentum as Sanshiro Takagi & Munenori Sawa once again triumphed in another DDT “Anywhere Pro-Wrestling” show. This time the location was a community centre in Moriya City, Ibaraki. It was a small venue and there were only two floor mats used to represent the squared circle. The match was a Three Way Tag Team bout that was originally meant to be non-title. But Kenji Abe & Mitsuhiro Yoshida wanted to put their Moriya Tag Team Titles on the line to unify them with the KO-D Tag Team Titles. Takagi & Sawa agreed to the challenge and put their belts on the line. Rounding up the competing teams were the duo of HARASHIMA & joshi wrestler Hiroyo Matsumoto. Tomimitsu Matsunaga served as the referee for this match. Weapons that were used in the match included Sanshiro’s guitar, a trash can, a cardboard box, a wooden board, a squeeky plastic mallet and electric clippers. Yoshida was the unfortunate victim of the clippers and was left with a few shears across his scalp. At one point, Takagi & Sawa attempted to do the Golden Shower (Double 450 Splashes) but were cut off by Kenji Abe. The three way brawl traveled outside to the building’s backyard. A large hole was dug out and Sawa struck Yoshida into the hole with an Irabu Punch. Sawa leapt into the hole and applied the match winning Octopus Hold to make it V8 for the KO-D Tag Champs along with a new pair of belts to add to their collection. After the match, Yoshida had the rest of his hair shaved off.

This is the eigth successful defence for the champs. I lost count along the way and originally thought it was their ninth.

Pictures of the event can be found here at the Extreme Party website:


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