New Year’s Indy Party Announced, UNION In Big Japan, Cherry Picking

The indy collection of DDT, Big Japan, K-DOJO, FREEDOMS and Ice Ribbon will get together this New Year’s Eve for a major show at Korakuen Hall that will count down to 2011. If it is anything like last year, expect each promotion to present its own match and the main event to be a giant Royal Rumble. Can it be as big as last year’s 108 Man Battle Royal? We have to wait and see.

Shuji Ishikawa has the chance to bring home some gold to UNION. He will be at Big Japan to take on Ryuji Ito for the BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title and possibly strike a vengeful blow to BJW. Last year when Shuji Ishikawa was the K-OD Champion, he often defended it in UNION. Big Japan’s Daisuke Sekimoto beat Shuji in his own promotion to become champion and reign over DDT. Now Ishikawa can give Big Japan a taste of its own medicine and bring its top title home to UNION.

Speaking of Big Japan, DDT’s Yasu Urano and UNION’s Hiroo Tsumaki will be on their next Dainichi Dash event in Yokohama on 16th October. Tsumaki will team up with Ryuichi Kawakami to take on Yoshihito Sasaki & Shinobu. Urano will be in the main event against Yuji Okabayashi (or Sekimoto 2.0 as I sometimes refer to him as). This will keep Urano on his toes before he and Dick Togo enter the NTV Cup Jr. Heavyweight Tag League over in NOAH later this month.

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