Tōjinmachi Shopping Arcade, Fukuoka City
400 Fans

4 Way Match: Kota Ibushi defeated Dick Togo, Michael Nakazawa and Sanshiro Takagi when Ibushi pinned Nakazawa with a German Suplex (24:43).

DDT held another of its “Anywhere Pro Wrestling” events, this time returning to the Tōjinmachi Shopping Arcade in Fukuoka City. The match was a free for all between Sanshiro Takagi, Kota Ibushi, Dick Togo and Michael Nakazawa. Fans were allowed to spend up to 3000 yen on products that could be given to wrestlers to use during the brawl. Sanshiro bought himself an AKB48 calendar at a 100 yen shop (so that is where the TKG48 name came from). Nakazawa got himself a toy baseball bat to choke people with. Takagi & Ibushi fought each other inside a coffee shop and apologised to the customers when they left. Ibushi and Nakazawa then traded punches on top of a few vending machines. Ibushi knocked his opponent to the ground and then Moonsaulted off of the machines and onto his target. Batten Tamagawa made an appearance with a boombox. He switched on “Pomp And Circumstance” and was about to perform a dance when Takagi hit him over the head with a back scratcher. A smallarea of the mall was covered in cardboard and that was where Ibushi won the match with a German Suplex to Nakazawa. Takagi then welcomed Dick Togo to the mall as it was his first time visiting the place. After the match all of the wrestlers signed the weapons bought by the fans.


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