New Beijing Match Details

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. The Decisive Battle!: Liu Bei Ito Vs Cao Zhang
2. Chinese Stars Gathered In Japan!: Dragon Achoooo! & Zhou Yu Vs Ranjei Lee & Jet Bar
3. Opium War!?: Queen Elizabeth & Statue Of David Vs Golden Horn & Silver Horn
4. National Scramble For The Imperial Seal!: King Andui Qin Vs Great Slave No. 643 Vs Megumi Shin Akira Ra Nuruhachi Vs Emperor Qin Vs Zen Liu
5. Rushi’s Last Play: Choun-Shiryu, Rushi Togo & Young Master Togo Vs Hazime Hutoshi, Somato & Giant Boshoku

I’m pretty sure I butchered most if not all of the names being used in the show.

Each match presents a different tale that takes place in the world of New Beijing Pro Wrestling.

1. The Decisive Battle!
Back in China, New Beijing has a popular feud between two factions, the Wei faction and the Shu faction. Every year, one wrestler from each faction is chosen to take part in a big match known as the “Northern Expedition Derby“. However, to commemorate China becoming the second largest economy in the world New Beijing decided to have the match take place on their Japan tour instead.

2. Chinese Stars Gathered In Japan!
Some of China’s biggest stars from the silver screen gather together in Shin-Kiba to enjoy a dream contest.

3. Opium War!?
Centuries ago, China was notorious for importing of opium across the world. It was a lucrative market for the nation, but as more and more of the global population fell ill or became degenerates due to opium addiction, China was banned from any further opium importing. However, opium was still smuggled outside of the country and a black market grew because of it. The illegal opium trafficking led to conflict between China and Great Britain, with a newly formed discipline committee deciding to solve tensions by having both countries compete against each other in a wrestling match. A wrestling match that happens to involve Queen Elizabeth and the Statue Of David. Why do I have the feeling that the Statue Of David will turn out to be David Beckham?

4. National Scramble For The Imperial Seal!
The Imperial Seal has been handed down from generation to generation as proof of the holder’s right to be master of the world. A state of emergency in 2010 took place when the Seal went missing. This led to the sudden collapse of New Beijing Pro Wrestling. Now leaders from around the world travel to China in search of the ancient artifact and claim the absent throne. In an unexpected turn of events, word spread that the Imperial Seal was found in Japan. Now an epic battle takes place as several warriors go to war over who the artifact belongs to.

5. Rushi’s Last Play
With his retirement on the horizon, Rushi Goto takes part in one last performance. But while one legend prepares to leave wrestling, a new generation of warriors are eager to rake his place.

From what I was able to understand, this is a list of who some of the wrestlers actually are.

Rushi Togo = Dick Togo
Young Master Togo = Kenny Omega
Hazime Hutoshi = GENTARO
Giant Boshoku = Shuji Ishikawa
Great Slave No. 643 = Sanshiro Takagi
Megumi Shin Akira Ra Nuruhachi = Michael Nakazawa
Dragon Achoooo! = KUDO
Zhou Yu = Konaka Pale One
Ranjei Lee = Lingerie Muto
Jet Bar = Tanomusaku Toba


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