NEW BEIJING “JAPAN TOUR 2011”, 11/02/2011
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
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1. The Decisive Battle!: Liu Bei Ito (w/ Nippon Li) Vs Cao Zhang (w/ Princess Makoto) ended in a No Contest when a Barbarian invasion occured (7:01).
1a. Liu Bei Ito & Cao Zhang defeated Meng Hiroshi & Bone Hiroshi when Zhang pinned Bone Hiroshi with the Leg Capture Power Bomb (5:15).
2. Chinese Stars Gathered In Japan!: Ranjei Lee & Jet Bar defeated Dragon Achoooo! & Zhou Yu when Ranjei Lee pinned Zhou Yu with the Shining Wizard (11:35).
3. Opium War!?: Golden Horn & Silver Horn defeated Queen Elizabeth & Statue Of David when Silver Horn pinned Queen Elizabeth with the Buzzsaw Kick (8:15).
4. National Scramble For The Imperial Seal!: King Andui Qin defeated Great Slave No. 643, Megumi Shin Akira Ra Nuruhachi, Emperor Qin and Zen Liu (12:08).
5. Rushi’s Last Play: Choun-Shiryu, Rushi Togo & Young Master Togo defeated Hazime Hutoshi, Somato & Giant Boshoku when Choun-Shiryu pinned Giant Boshoku with the Chinese Gory Special (15:21).

It truly was Rushi Togo’s Last Play. Before the match, Young Master Togo (Kenny Omega) approached Choun-Shiryu showing concern for his master. Rushi Togo (Dick Togo) was clearly looking the worst for wear, coughing up blood and weezing heavily. Somato (HARASHIMA) on the other hand had no such problems with his health. In fact, he performed a sword swallowing trick before the match began, using Hazime Hutoshi’s (GENTARO) sword. Despite fears over the old man’s health, Rushi looked fine in the ring until his body gave out on him after leaping off the turnbuckles. His team were at a disadvantage from there on out but they heroicly fought back. However, it was clear Togo’s body could not handle the stress. Togo used all of his remaining strength to do a Double Hadouken with his protege to Giant Boshoku (Shuji Ishikawa), knocking the big man off his feet and allowing Choun-Shiryu to finish him off with the Chinese Gory Special. The victory was bittersweet, Roshi Togo sacrificed himself so his side would win the battle.

The Statue Of David (Seiya Morohashi) spent most of Match #3 standing in the centre of the ring while Golden Horn (Brahman Shu) & Silver Horn (Brahman Kei) destroyed Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth wore lingerie and was stoned out of her mind on opium. Never thought I would write that sentence (actually, that would be a lie). Anyway, David wouldn’t budge after crotch flicks, fingers jammed up his backside and even having worms smudged into his face. A face full of wasabi sauce almost did the job but some ice cold water to the crotch finally got the statue moving. Unfortunately for the Horns, it made David Hulk up and take control of the match. When a powder attack backfired, David assumed his position and left Elizabeth at the Horns’ mercy. There wasn’t much of it as they repeatedly threw powder in her face, spat the Mist at her and knocked her out with a Buzzsaw Kick.

The Decisive Battle looked to be in Liu Bei Ito’s (Ryubi Ito) favour when suddenly one of the New Beijing warriors ran to the ring with an arrow sticking out of his back. He was crying for help before losing conciousness. His warning came too late, an invasion occured when two barbarians named Meng Hiroshi & Bone Hiroshi entered the arena and attacked both Ito & Cao Zhang (Akito). They then kidnapped Nippon Li (Nikkan Lee) & Princess Makoto (Er…Makoto). The match was quickly turned into a tag team bout with the warriors of the Wei & Shu factions suddenly becoming allies. Ito used his folding chair while Zhang using his Golden Tonkachi Hammer to defeat the invading duo and rescue their women from the Barbarians’ clutches. The two proud warriors looked as if they would shake each other’s hands after the match but instead, they both slapped each other across the face. After all, they are still from rival factions and the battle between them did not have a winner.

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