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Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (c) defeated Antonio Honda.
1. Shuji Ishikawa defeated Hiroya Fukuda with a Running Kneelift (8:17).
2. Cherry defeated Luscious Latasha with the Cherryton Bomb (7:29).
3. Big Morohashi & Hiro Tsumaki defeated Shigehiro Irie & Toru Sugiura when Tsumaki pinned Sugiura with the Low Leg Lariat (16:24).
4. SGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Mio Shirai defeated Ken Ohka (c) with the Figure Four Neck Lock (8:16).
*Ken Ohka fails in V1. Mio Shirai becomes the 5th Champion!
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (c) defeated Antonio Honda.
5. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Ultraman Robin & Ultraman Giant defeated Sanshiro Takagi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (c) when Ultraman Robin pinned Kikuchi with a Jackknife Hold (10:05).
*Ultraman Robin becomes the 866th champion.
6. TLC Match – DDT Extreme Title: Isami Kodaka (c) defeated El Samurai with the Chair-Assisted Double Knee Drop from the top of the Ladder (12:33).
*V3 for Kodaka.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi defeated Ultraman Robin (c) with the Fireball Bomb (7:00 pm).
*Tsuyoshi Kikuchi becomes the 867th champion.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Antonio Honda defeated Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (c) with a Backslide Pin (7:10 pm).
*Antonio Honda becomes the 868th champion.

Isami Kodaka defended the DDT Extreme Title against his most experienced challenger to date, El Samurai. This time the title was defended in a proper TLC match with Kodaka climbing to the top of the ladder with a steel chair and leaping off, delivering a Double Knee Drop over the chair and onto El Samurai for the win.

The battle over the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title crossed over to Union when the DDT show ended. During the evening Tsuyoshi Kikuchi constantly thwarted Antonio Honda’s attempts at winning the title from him. It wasn’t until the semi-main event when someone was finally able to beat Kikuchi. That person was Ultraman Robin, who brought along his sidekick Giant Robin to defeat the TKG48 pair of Kikuchi & Sanshiro Takagi. Kikuchi won the title back at the end of the night, only for Antonio Honda to finally catch the champ off guard and become champion again.

Ken Ohka’s problems with Mio Shirai continue with Ohka once again left embarrased by the Triple Tails girl. Shirai defeated Ohka with the Figure Four Neck Lock, a move she has used to get rid of Ohka time and time again. Even worse for Ken, Shirai won the SGP Jr. Heavyweight Title from him in his first defence. And just when Ohka thought it couldn’t get even more embarrassing, Mio handed Ohka a new ‘belt’ he had to wear, a dog collar. Needless to say, Mio is now calling herself Ken Ohka’s master.

Match #3 is said to be Hiro Tsumaki’s best performance to date, particularly his moments in the ring with Toru Sugiura.

Big Morohashi was nominated for the Anal Blast Opening Ceremony election for Sumo Hall. Naomi Susan is enthusiastic in her support for Morohashi in the election.


  1. LUKIE says:

    I wish Mio Shirai was my “master”… hot damn OHKA!

    O.K. Revolution return?

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