DDT “SWEET DREAMS! 2012” Results

DDT “SWEET DREAMS! 2012”, 29/01/2012
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,388 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. Dark Match: DJ Nira & Shota defeated Gorgeous Matsuno & Rion Mizuki when Shota pinned Mizuki with an Inside Cradle (7:41).
1. Sanshiro Takagi & Takao Soma defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Hoshitango when Takagi pinned Matsunaga with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb (6:46).
2. 3 Way Tag Match: Masa Takanashi & Daisuke Sasaki defeated Hikaru Sato & Michael Nakazawa and Shigehiro Irie & Poison JULIE Sawada (7:32).
2a. Shigehiro Irie & Poison JULIE Sawada eliminated Hikaru Sato & Michael Nakazawa when Irie pinned Nakazawa with the Teddy Bear (4:07).
2b. Masa Takanashi & Daisuke Sasaki eliminated Shigehiro Irie & Poison JULIE Sawada when Takanashi pinned Sawada with a Jackknife Hold (7:32).
3. Rock & Roll Death Match: Yasu Urano, A.YAZAWA & Keita Yano defeated Makoto Oishi, Akito & Hiroshi Fukuda (w/ Hikari Minami) when YAZAWA pinned Fukuda with a Super Kick (14:12).
4. Yuji Hino defeated Keisuke Ishii with the Fuckin’ Bomb (10:46).
5. Kenny Omega defeated HARASHIMA with the One-Winged Angel (21:09).
6. KO-D Openweight Title: Danshoku Dino defeated KUDO (c) with the Danshoku Tornado (15:37).
*KUDO fails in V6. Danshoku Dino becomes the 38th KO-D Openweight Champion!

It took him just over 6 years to finally get the sweet, sweet taste triumph again. Danshoku Dino now rules the roost in DDT, winning the KO-D Openweight Title tonight for the second time in his career. He defeated his fellow Homorio Clover Z member KUDO with a brand new finisher called the Danshoku Tornado, a Twisting Moonsault. The match begun with a perverse take on the infamous Antonio Inoki Vs Muhammed Ali fight, with KUDO keeping his back to the mat and kicking Dino in the legs while the challenger kept thrusting his hips towards the champion. While KUDO did score hits with a Swan Dive Missile Kick and the Buzzsaw Kick, Dino incapacitated him with the Lip Lock and Gotch-Style Danshoku Driver. KUDO was able to kick out of that but Dino immediately followed with his new finisher to seal the deal.

After the match Dino took the mic and said it was his dream to main event Budokan Hall. He was interrupted by Antonio Honda, who was still able to attend the show despite “falling ill” during the week. Honda told a story about seeing Dino wrestle in a HWWA indie show ten years ago. He also brought up the memory of the MUSCLE sub-brand, a place both Dino and Honda played a big role in creating. Honda then challenged Dino for a title shot. Tsurumi Amon gave the green light and announced the match will take place when DDT returns to Korakuen Hall on 19th February. Dino finished up by saying that being gay is the strength of his power, he will dye the Budokan with his Danshoku style, his libido will become stronger as we get closer to the 15th Anniversary show and that he has the ghost of MUSCLE looking over him.

Meanwhile KUDO said that tonight was a very frustrating loss to take. However, he will not give up fighting for the KO-D Title and he is also looking forward to new challenges. One of them will be the chance to team with Kenny Omega to take on El Generico & HARASHIMA on 19/2.

HARASHIMA prepared himself well for Kenny Omega by avoiding the Croyt’s Wrath finisher. Unfortunately he forgot about Omega’s new finisher, the One-Winged Angel. Kenny won the match and afterwards said there is no time to rest when you are a champion. After he beats Kaz Hayashi in All Japan next week, Omega wants to defend the AJPW Jr. Heavyweight Title against HARASHIMA in DDT. HARASHIMA complimented Omega for gaining experience in so many different wrestling organisations and that he himself felt the pride of a champion when fighting him.

Yuji Hino defeated Keisuke Ishii in a preview of their KO-D Tag Team Title match in Nagoya next month. His pure power was too much for Ishii to take. Afterward Hino just said that 2012 will be an “interesting year”. While Shigehiro Irie checked on him, Ishii said he felt shame for losing to someone from KAIENTAI-DOJO. Irie stood by his friend and said he would never wrestle for K-DOJO.

Despite losing to Crying Wolf in the Rock & Roll Death Match, Makoto Oishi challenged Yasu Urano to put the KO-D Tag Team Title on the line against him and a partner of his choosing on 19/2. Urano accepted and Makoto introduced his partner, Masao Inoue! Makoto nicknamed Inoue the “Silly Little Green Giant” and begun a short interview with him, idol group style. Inoue didn’t have much to say in the interveiw so Makoto kept finishing his sentences for him.

Daisuke Sasaki will be taking an extended break from DDT. He will be travelling over to Mexico and will wrestle there for a while. He has not decided how long the excurison will be.

Sanshiro Takagi said he wanted to add more wrestlers to his “Anti-League Players Association” in the next couple of weeks. It looks like this storyline will slowly brew all the way up to the 15th Anniversary show. Both Takagi & Takao Soma had their bodies covered in the same tattoos CM Punk has.

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