Masa Takanashi Wrestles Emi Sakura In Thailand – Update

BKK PRO, 10/04/2012
Hua-Hin, Bangkok, Thailand

Sea Death Match: Masa Takanashi (c) defeated Emi Sakura (8:18).

Unexpected news came out today involving Masa Takanashi and the KO-D Openweight Championship. His longtime friend Emi Sakura has launched a new wrestling promotion in the country called Bangkok Girls Pro Wrestling. During her time in Thailand, Sakura has invited Takanashi over for a wrestling match three times with Sakura winning all three matches. Over the last 24 hours, Masa Takanashi travelled over to Bangkok again, this time with the KO-D Title over his shoulder. He and Emi Sakura met in the Hua-Hin beach resort today and had an impromptu KO-D Title match. Masa won the match but DDT has not said anything about whether or not they recognise it as his first defence of the belt. Takanashi and Sakura will have another match tomorrow and it will “still relate to water” in regards to what the stipulation will be. BKK Pro will release footage of the match tonight (Thailand time) on their Twitter page, which can be found here. I’ll also update when I can on this site’s Twitter page, which can be found here.

*Update* – BKK Pro has announced there was a misunderstanding and the KO-D Championship was not on the line. Also, due to the tsunami warnings in Thailand today the rematch may not take place. Masa will be returning to Japan tomorrow.


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