Iron Man Title Hijacked And Bolivia Bound!

The unpredictable nature of the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title has struck again! During today’s press conference announcing the remaining card for the DDT 15th Anniversary Show, champion Choun-Shiryu made an appearance to be interviewed about the title being defended in a Royal Rumble match at the show. The interview was disrupted when an anonymous note was passed over to Tsurumi Amon. The note said:

Hello DDT Pro Wrestling,

Today I heard there is an open press conference for DDT. I will take the Iron Man belt from you. Thank you in the future.


Amon sat there wondering which Sato wrote the letter. Was it Hikaru Sato? Was it Akio Sato from the Orient Express? If it was Akio, does that mean he was sending Hakushi after the champion? All of a sudden, a voice interrupted his train of thought.

“Please excuse me.”

It was independant wrestler Yuki Sato. He entered the room and admitted the letter was from him. Sato told Shiryu that he wanted the title. Shiryu stood up to face him but Sato told him his shoelaces were untied. When Shiryu bend down to tie his shoes, Sato grabbed an object and whacked the champion over the head with it. Sato then pinned Shiryu and officially became the 922nd champion.

Sato then suddenly said he was taking the belt with him to Bolivia, where he was going to defend the belt against none other than Dick Togo!

Tsurumi Amon was shocked but quickly came up with a plan. If no one can get the belt back before the 15th Anniversary Show, then the winner of the Royal Rumble at the event will be declared the No. 1 Contender for the championship. The winner will then be sent to Bolivia (at their own expense) to challenge the champion, no matter who it is.


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