DDT “LAST MINUTE BUDOKAN SPECIAL!” Results And Press Conference

Tokyo Akasaka Sacas
??? Fans

1. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Kota Ibushi defeated HARASHIMA, Sanshiro Takagi and Michael Nakazawa when Ibushi pinned Nakazawa with the Sit Down Last Ride (8:08).
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Hiroshi Fukuda defeated DJ Nira (c) with a School Boy (6:21 pm).
*Hiroshi Fukuda becomes the 955th champion.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Chair defeated Hiroshi Fukuda (c) by Pinfall (6:23 pm).
*Chair becomes the 956th champion.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Chair (c) with the Perfect Plex (6:54 pm).
*Hiroshi Fukuda becomes the 957th champion.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Cherry defeated Hiroshi Fukuda (c) with the Spring Night Love (6:54 pm).
*Cherry becomes the 958th champion.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: DJ Nira defeated Cherry (c) with a Chair Attack (6:56 pm).
*DJ Nira becomes the 959th champion.

DDT held a special event inside Akasaka Sacas in Tokyo to promote their 15th Anniversary Show in Budokan Hall. The event was held in the Sacas Star Stage part of the city and began with the only planned match for the show, a Falls Count Anywhere match between Kota Ibushi, HARASHIMA, Sanshiro Takagi and Michael Nakazawa. They fought on the stage with a mat used to act as the squared circle. A table came into play twice with Takagi giving Nakazawa a Piledriver through the table, then HARASHIMA gave Takagi a Falcon Arrow onto the remains. Ibushi won the match when he kip-flipped under Nakazawa’s Ultimate Venom Arm and delivered the Sit Down Last Ride.

There was then the announcement of DDT’s first album called “100% DDT MIX”. The CD will be released at Budokan Hall and contains the original theme songs for HARASHIMA, Takao Soma, Keisuke Ishii, Cherry and Saint Seiya Rion. It also has the official theme song for the anniversary show called “Under The Large Onion (DDT Version)”. Rion performed his song “Pegasus Fantasy” on stage.

The rest of the event was dedicated to giving all of the wrestlers a platform to hype up their matches. First up was the Tag Team Gauntlet. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie said that winning the gauntlet will make them the next challengers for the KO-D Tag Team Title. Do Hentai Dan came out next. Hikaru Sato introduced himself and Nakazawa to the audience and then said he wanted the Budokan show to end after their match. He then said that Nakazawa was not going to speak because he is putting all of his concentration into the match. Takao Soma came out on his own but said that his partner for the match Yukio Sakaguchi is very powerful. Isami Kodaka also came out on his own. He said that he and Hiro Tsumaki will show everyone how crazy Union Pro Wrestling is. Finally Saint Seiya Rion & Poison JULIE Sawada entered the stage. Sawada said that as the veteran of the bunch he will insure the Tag Team Gauntlet will be a great way to open the show.

Next up was the competitors for the Iron Man Royal Rumble. Hiroshi Fukuda tried to win fan support by saying he wants to give donations to underpriviledged children. Gota Ihashi kept on shouting “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! COME ON! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! COME ON!” Tomomitsu Matsunaga said it was going to be a unique match. Akito thinks he will make the most impact in the match. Daichi Kakimoto talked about how much he appreciates being able to step into the ring again after a four year absence. Gorgeous Matsuno wants to win the title again for the 14th time. Cherry said she wants to be a champion again at the age of 38. Yuzuki Aikawa gave a cheerful and bouncy greeting to the fans. She declared the 18th August to be Hooters Day. Current champion DJ Nira declared himself the King Of Time. The group photo descended into mayhem when Fukuda attacked Nira and won the belt only to somehow lose it to a chair.

The Monster Army Football match preview was next. Yasu Urano & Antonio Honda from Team Crying Wolf were joined by Masa Takanashi, Daisuke Sekimoto & Hoshitango of Team La Familia. Hoshitango spoke in Spanish, Sasaki translated for him and simply said Hoshitango promised to do his best. Takanashi said the most important thing about football is friendship. La Familia are the most bonded group in DDT. Takanashi then asked if Honda had any friends and why he was always alone. He then called Honda a dickward. Honda said that Takanashi was scared of him and at Budokan Hall, Honda will kick the ball away from Takanashi. Urano, like Hoshitango, just said he will do his best.

After that came the preview for the KO-D Tag Team Title match. MIKAMI arrived without Tatsumi Fujinami by his side. He said that this will be Fujinami’s first championship match in over 10 years so this is not just an important match for DDT, but an important match for professional wrestling. MIKAMI wants to be a part of that historical moment. Makoto Oishi called this summer the Summer Of Homoiro Clover Z. KUDO said that the match will be their fourth defence of the belts and they never take any victory for granted.

Sanshiro Takagi was disappointed that Minoru Suzuki couldn’t appear at the event for a face-off. Suzuki is busy competing in the G-1 Climax over at New Japan. Takagi revealed his plan for the Weapons Rumble Handicap match. He will get Yuzuki Aikawa to wear a bikini and distract Suzuki. Takagi will then grab a broom and whack it over Suzuki’s head. Sounds like a foolproof plan.

Tsurumi Amon spoke to HARASHIMA about the Hardcore Tag Team match with Togi Makabe against Shuji Ishikawa & Ryuji Ito. Amon reminded HARASHIMA that the rules allow the use of chairs, tables, chains and barbed wire. HARASHIMA said that with Makabe by his side, they won’t lose. He and Makabe have a strong relationship of trust going back to their college days. Amon joked that Makabe must have been an honour student.

Danshoku Dino wasn’t sure if the Invisible Man was in attendance. Maybe he was there standing on the stage beside him but was just staying quiet. Dino thanked DDT for booking the match at the Budokan Hall. He wondered if there are many invisible people and how he could fight them.

Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega signed the contract for the KO-D Openweight Title main event match. They both gave each other high praise and admitted the other person could easily win the match. With the event drawing to a close, everyone returned to the stage for a final group photo. That led to more Iron Man Heavymetalweight shenanigans when Fukuda grabbed the chair and gave it a Perfect Plex to win the title. Cherry then pinned Fukuda with the Spring Night Love to become champion. But as she celebrated, DJ Nira grabbed the chair, used it to knock Cherry out and won the belt back.


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