Akihabara Twin Box
150 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Sambo Exhibition: Chikage Kiba Vs Daisuke Kiso ended in a Time Limit Draw (3:00).
2. Miyu Yamashita defeated KANNA with a Face Kick (3:46).

Tokyo Women’s Wrestling have declared their first practice event a great success. Trainees Kanna Shinmei, Chikage Kiba and Miyu Yamashita competed in their first contests in public at a small event at an Akihabra concert hall. The show also featured different idol music acts performing before the two matches.

Kanna Shinmei has decided to use KANNA as her ringname and wrestled in a camouflaged top while Yamashita wore a pink bodice and danced her way to the mat where the contests took place. KANNA put on a strong performance and almost won with a Boston Crab but Yamashita fought through the pain and escaped. She then struck KANNA with a Face Kick combination that floored her opponent and kept her down for the pin. Yamashita was in tears of joy after winning the match and encouraged the audience to sing and dance together.

The third trainee Chikage Kiba got to show off her sambo skills in an exhibition against DDT referee Daisuke Kiso. The exhibition only lasted for three minutes but Kiba was able to hold her own, escaping Kiso’s throw attempts and locking in a Cross Armbar at the end. When time ran out, neither competitor was declared the winner.

Each girl gave out comments after the show. Kiba was disappointed her match was so short and looks forward to her first wrestling match. Yamashita was grateful to all the people that attended the show and promised she will do her best not to lose to KANNA the next time they fight. KANNA thanked DDT and Tetsuya Koda for giving her a chance to become a wrestler and also showed gratitude towards Kiba and Yamashita. She joked that she did not like Yamashita when they first met but today she fell in love with her.

Tetsuya Koda said it will be a while until Tokyo Women’s Wrestling holds its first proper show but noted the trainees are growing quickly as wrestlers. Koda wants to hold more practice events before the girls are ready to officially debut.


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