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Tokyo Asakusa Hanayashiki
379 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

4 Way Mixed Tag Team Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Yuzuki Aikawa defeated Danshoku Dino & Yoshiko, Kota Ibushi & Jaiko Ishikawa and Michael Nakazawa & Miho Wakizawa when Aikawa submitted Nakazawa with a Hooters Attack (53:15).

DDT held its first ever 4 Way Mixed Tag Match in a street to celebrate the wrestling career of Yuzuki Aikawa. The location was the same theme park that has held DDT’s previous “Anywhere Pro Wrestling” events and many of its rides and attractions played a part in the match once again. The night belonged to 222cm Big Guns, aka the team of Sanshiro Takagi & Yuzuki Aikawa. They used Michael Nakazawa & Miho Wakizawa as target practice at a fairground shooting range and rode mechanical pandas while Kota Ibushi, Jaiko Ishikawa, Danshoku Dino and Yoshiko all fought each other in between rollercoaster rides. The four teams then fought inside a merry-go-round where Yoshiko thought it would be the perfect time to hold hands with Ibushi. As the wrestlers dragged each other into a nearby pond, Nakazawa disappeared. He came back dressed in Aikawa’s Sentai Power Ranger Blue costume, which was very revealing from behind. He attacked Takagi and kicked him into a castle of chairs that just so happened to have been set up that day. Back in the pond, Ibushi did a Cancun Tornado from the bridge onto everyone below in the water. Ishikawa dealt a great deal of damage on Aikawa, giving her the Thunder Fire into the pond.

Those still fighting moved back to the stage where Nakazawa got the upper hand and gave everyone the Ultimate Venom Arm. But when he thought he was the last one standing, a voice suddenly yelled “Yuzupon!” It was Aikawa to the rescue, dressed in a skimpy Stars & Stripes bathing suit. She and Takagi overpowered Nakazawa and had an emotional moment. Takagi asked Aikawa if she thought pro wrestling was fun. Aikawa cried and said it was. They then struck Nakazawa over his back with a Double Yuzupon Kick and Aikawa finished him off with her bouncy cleavage to win the match.

Afterwards Takagi and Aikawa repeated their exchange about pro wrestling being fun. Aikawa promoted Stardom’s big show in Sumo Hall on 29th April that will include her retirement match. She only wrestled for two and a half years but she will have a lot of memories when she is done. She also hopes that with a month left to go, she does not get injured before she retires. Everyone then got together as group and screamed “We Are Stardom!”


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