Emi Sakura Wins Right To Challenge Contract (Less Shocking News: She Beats DJ Nira)


GATOH MOVE, 11/05/2013
Nanhai Ichigaya Memorial Clinic

Emi Sakura defeated DJ Nira with a La Magistral Cradle (12:06).
*Emi Sakura wins DJ Nira’s Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.

One of the active Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contracts changed hands outside of DDT for the first time. Emi Sakura defeated DJ Nira in the main event of yesterday’s Gatoh Move show in Ichigaya, the same building where Ganbare☆Wrestling held their event the day before. Masa Takanashi was there as the referee for the no time limit main event while Tetsuya Endo and Tokyo Women’s Wrestling manager Tetsuya Koda was also in attendence (Koda was the person who broke the news on DDT’s website). Nira fought his hardest, targeting Sakura’s finger and hitting the DJ Time, but in the end Sakura rolled him up with La Magistral Cradle to win the match and take possession of his contract.


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