DDT “KING OF DDT TOKYO 2013” Results

DDT “KING OF DDT TOKYO 2013”, 28/06/2013
Shinjuku FACE
454 Fans – No Vacancy

0. Dark Match – Dramatic Chance Scramble Battle Royal: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Guanchuro with the Crippler Crossface (7:49).
Order of Elimination: Gota Ihashi, Tetsuya Endo, Michael Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Hoshitango, DJ Nira and Guanchuro.
*Daisuke Sasaki wins the vacant King Of DDT spot.
1. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block A: Kenny Omega defeated MIKAMI with the Croyt’s Wrath (11:10).
2. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block A: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Takao Soma with the Now Or Never (3:47).
3. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block B: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Masa Takanashi with the Touchdown (5:43).
4. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block B: Yasu Urano defeated Kota Ibushi with a Double Arm Cradle (11:26).
5. 3 Way Tag Team Match: Yuji Okabayashi & Ryuichi Kawakami defeated Shigehiro Irie & Keisuke Ishii and Sanshiro Takagi & Kazuki Hirata when Okabayashi pinned Hirata with the Golem Splash (11:03).
6. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block C: Antonio Honda defeated Makoto Oishi with an Anaconda Vice (10:13).
7. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block C: Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Danshoku Dino with the Dojime Choke Sleeper (9:15).
8. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block D: Hikaru Sato defeated Akito with a Jumping High Kick (10:11).
9. King Of DDT Round 1 – Block D: HARASHIMA defeated KUDO with the Swan Dive Somato (13:44).

Two big surprise early exits have happened in the King of DDT 1st Round. Kota Ibushi was caught with a flash pin and defeated by Yasu Urano while Masa Takanashi lost to the rookie Konosuke Takeshita. Meanwhile Daisuke Sasaki has become a force to be reckoned with, winning the dark match Battle Royal to enter the tournament and then making quick work of Takao Soma.

The matches for Round 2 are Kenny Omega Vs Daisuke Sasaki, Konosuke Takeshita Vs Yasu Urano, Antonio Honda Vs Yukio Sakaguchi and Hikaru Sato Vs HARASHIMA. The matches will take place in Nagoya on 6th July.

A new match was announced for “PROGRESS AND HARMONY OF WRESTLING” at Sumo Hall on 17/8. MIKAMI will be teaming up with The Hawtness himself, Yoshihiro Takayama to take on Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Michael Nakazawa!


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