Tokyo Big Sight

5 Way Falls Count Anywhere Match: HARASHIMA defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Kota Ibushi, Isami Kodaka and Michael Nakazawa when HARASHIMA pinned Nakazawa with the Somato (23:04).

DDT visited the Handmade In Japan Festival in the Tokyo Big Site to show how creative pro wrestling can be. The 5 Way Falls Count Anywhere match was exactly the kind of chaotic nonsense you would expect from DDT. Sanshiro Takagi wanted to fit in and create something home made so he built a fort with folding chairs. HARASHIMA threw Michael Nakazawa into the fort, knocking it down and sending chairs flying everywhere. Kota Ibushi took regular time outs so he could visit each of the exhibition booths set up around the festival. Isami Kodaka retreated into a bathroom and returned with a giant hammer. Ibushi moonsaulted off of a giant blue ball. Takagi kept trying to rebuild his fort only for someone else to destroy it. The match ended when HARASHIMA placed Nakazawa sitting onto a chair in the wreckage and then knocking him down with the Somato. After the match Takagi greeted the audience and told them organisations like DDT like to create things. But there is no creation without destruction. Now they have finished destroying everything, it is up to the people to create new stuff and make sure they are handmade.


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