Shinjuku FACE
328 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Get The Glory! Tournament – Round 1: Shuji Ishikawa defeated SAGAT with a Running Knee Lift (4:45).
2. Get The Glory! Tournament – Round 1: FUMA defeated Daichi Kazato with the Atomic Bomb (9:51).
3. Get The Glory! Tournament – Round 1: Isami Kodaka defeated Cherry with the 419 (5:38).
4. Get The Glory! Tournament – Round 1: Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Seiya Morohashi with a Crippler Crossface Cutback (8:01).
5. Tomoya Kawamura Debut Match: Madoka defeated Tomoya Kawamura with a Butterfly Lock (10:33).
6. Get The Glory! Tournament – Semi Final: Shuji Ishikawa defeated FUMA with the Splash Mountain (3:15).
7. Get The Glory! Tournament – Semi Final: Isami Kodaka defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Zan Isamu Leg (10:13).
8. Idea Pocket Presents: Mio Shirai (w/ Rika Seibi) defeated Menso~re Oyaji (w/ Tsubasa Amami) and Mitomi Masayuki (w/ Ryu Mizusaki) when Shirai pinned Masayuki with the Tsuchigomo (7:27).
9. Get The Glory! Tournament – Final: Shuji Ishikawa defeated Isami Kodaka with the Splash Mountain (13:26).

Union celebrated its 8th Anniversary plus its recent change to an independent promotion by holding a one night tournament featuring its home wrestlers. Shuji Ishikawa won the Get The Glory Tournament, defeating Isami Kodaka in the final. Naomi Susan said the final was worthy of being a title match and she now wants Union to create its own championship in time for their Shunjuku FACE show on 11th December. Ishikawa thanked the fans for supporting Union and promises they will be around for the 9th Anniversary, 10th Anniversary, 15th Anniversary, 20th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 30th Anniversary, 40th Anniversary and the 100th Anniversary.

At the beginning of the show, Isami Kodaka mentioned he will be travelling to Russia tomorrow. He and Masa Takanashi will be wrestling in the IWF this weekend. It is the same promotion that Union visitors Ivan Markov and Ronnie Crimson came from. Kodaka will be facing Markov for the IWF Championship and he hopes he will become a Triple Crown Champion by holding the IWF, KO-D Tag Team and BJW Tag Team Titles all at the same time.

Mio Shirai’s harem of Idea Pocket idols is growing. Shirai, Menso~re Oyaji and Mitomi Masayuki each had an idol in their corner and battled each other to win all three. Mio won the match and the idols expressed relief that they were now with her instead of any of the men. Mio was delighted and said she wants to attract more and more flirty Divas over to Union.

Tomoya Kawamura said he wanted to do the Sling Blade like Hiroshi Tanahashi during his debut match but realised he couldn’t do it because he is still immature as a wrestler. He also revealed he originally had a tryout with DDT and during that tryout he showed off his Yoda impersonation from Star Wars Episode II. His impersonation is from a scene where Yoda warns Obi-Wan about Anakin turning to the Dark Side, if you must know.

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