Isami & Masa’s Trip To Russia

IWF “Реслиады”, 26/10/2013
Moscow Mossovet Theatre
700 Fans

3. Ilya Malkin defeated Masa Takanashi with the Harpoon.
6. IWF Title: Ivan Markov (c) defeated Isami Kodaka with the Locobomb.
*V? for Ivan Markov

Isami Kodaka and Masa Takanashi were in Russia during the weekend wrestling for the Independent Wrestling Federation. While Takanashi was facing different members of the roster, Kodaka was right in the thick of it with the IWF Champion, Ivan Markov. On Night 1 the two faced each other with the title on the line. The match was turned into a Hardcore match by request of Markov after both of them brought in chairs. Despite making Markov bleed heavily with a broken seat piece, Kodaka eventually lost to the champion. After the match, Ronnie Crimson ran into the ring to attack Markov but Kodaka came to the rescue and ran Crimson away.

IWF “Реслиады”, 27/10/2013
Nizhny Novgorod GAZ Culture Center
250 Fans

5. Masa Takanashi defeated Sergey Beliy by Pinfall.
8. 3 Way Match: Isami Kodaka defeated Ivan Markov and Ronnie Crimson when Kodaka pinned Crimson with the Isamu Leg.

A 3 Way Match between Markov, Crimson and Kodaka was set up for the next night. Kodaka used the numbers game to his advantage, waiting for Crimson to take out Markov and then jumping in to pin Crimson with the Isamu Leg.

Thanks go out to @IamCorvaX for sending me the results.


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