Tokyo Musashi Koganei Station
300 Fans – Super No Vacancy

KO-D Tag Team Titles – 3 Way Street Fight: Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto (c) defeated Sanshiro Takagi & Kazuki Hirata and HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano when Kodaka pinned Hirata with the Diving Double Knee Drop from the bicycle parking lot roof (20:08).
*V4 for Yankii Ni Cho Kenju.

Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto continue their domination of the DDT Tag Division, this time overcoming two teams in a DDT specialty Falls Count Anywhere match. The bout took place in the bicycle parking lot of the JR Musashi Koganei Station in Tokyo. Mats were placed on the ground to represent the “squared circle.” The vice president of the station was in attendence and he thanked the crowd of 300 people for coming to see the event.


The KO-D Tag Team Champions came out both dressed as Santa Claus. Kodaka, Sanshiro Takagi and Yasu Urano started off the match. Isami played the role of the referee when Urano held Takagi in a Hammerlock. Kodaka then put Urano in the same hold and Takagi then pretended to be the ref. Takagi put Kodaka in an STF but that was broken apart when Miyamoto hit Takagi with a padded baseball bat. Miyamoto brought out frisbees and threw them at his opponents while Urano took out a cracker, placed it in Kodaka’s mouth and set it off. Later on Kodaka brought out red spray paint and sprayed the Japanese character for “Merry Christmas” on Kazuki Hirata’s back. The champions also brought out concrete blocks to put on top of their opponents when they were lying on the ground. They then used other blocks to break them!


Kodaka brought out tomatoes he purchased from a nearby store for a snack but Takagi appeared behind him and squashed an orange into his eyes. GENTARO suddenly appeared but it turns out he is a local and he was just shopping in the area. Takagi found a bicycle shop and cycled back into the match, running over Miyamoto and then Clotheslining HARASHIMA from the bike for a nearfall. The fighting returned to the section where it began except this time a house of chairs was set up. Takagi cycled towards Urano but Urano leapt out of the way leading Takagi to crash into the chairs. HARASHIMA followed up with the Somato and went for the pin but Kodaka & Miyamoto were there to break it up. The champions climbed onto the roof of the parking lot. Miyamoto Moonsaulted onto the gang below and Kodaka hit the Diving Double Knee Drop onto Hirata for the three count.


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