Shin-Kiba 1st RING
200 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Food Village Wrestling Vs Royal Road Wrestling – PWF Rules: Crusher Takahashi Vs Fumihito Kihara ended in a Double Count Out (14:12).
2. Kickboxing Vs Karate Rematch Of Fate: Kazuhiko Ogasawara defeated Tanomusaku Toba by KO with High Kicks (7:40).
3. Cyborg Vs Ferocious Mammal Full Settlement Warfare!: Survival Tobita defeated J-Soul Pandita III with the Freezing Shower (6:18).
4. Goodbye Tamagawa!! Tokyo Last Match!!: Batten Tamagawa defeated Shota with the Batten Bomber (10:36).
5. Reunion Of Fate: Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Moonsault (13:40).
6. Armageddon Final Battle: Ken Ohka defeated Osamu Namiguchi with the Spear Of Fire (15:21)

Ken Ohka has survived his Armageddon and finally defeated his nemesis Osamu Namiguchi! Ever since its inception back in February, Ganbare☆Wrestling has been mocked and constantly attacked by Namiguchi and his partner in crime Kazuhiko Ogasawara. Ohka stood up for the company he created from scratch but constantly fell to Namiguchi. One last battle between the two took place the day after Christmas. Ohka was proving to be a match for his opponent until he was given a Low Blow behind the referee’s back. Ogasawara also got involved attacking Ohka while the ref was distracted. Several Ganpuro wrestlers ran down to ringside to stop him but Ogasawara was able to defeat them easily. But Ohka refused to give up. Ogasawara interfered again and threw a High Kick, but Ohka ducked and the kick struck Namiguchi instead! Ohka countered the Lanakira-N and delivered the Spear Of Fire to score the pin and finally beat Namiguchi. Ohka stopped Namiguchi from leaving ringside after the match and thanked him for the experience he gained from fighting him all year. Ohka offered a handshake but Namiguchi ignored it and left.

Ohka declared Ganpuro is now major sport wrestling and announced Chapter 2 of the company will begin on 6th April, 2014 in Kitizawa Town Hall. Yumehito Imanari wondered why the next show will take so long and what will they get up to during the first three months of next year. Ohka told them they will go to Union and they will crush Union! Ohka wants Ganpuro to be a major company and the next step is to crush the competition!

Bad Tension TAMAGAWA went back to just being Batten Tamagawa for his final match in Tokyo before he goes home for at least the time being. After beating Shota, Tamagawa said he wanted to change his “half-baked” self. He tried dabbling in evil as Bad Tension TAMAGAWA and he admits he is still an immature person. He tearfully thanked everyone and told each of the Ganpuro wrestlers to hang in there.

Survival Tobita’s cyborg transformation was completed in time for his battle with the creature known as J-Soul Pandita III. But Tobita had a major weakness, his brain was left exposed. Tobita survived the head trauma Pandita gave him and was able to defeat the monster with help from a gas cooling extinguisher. He froze Pandita with the extinguisher and then delivered an Elbow Drop for the pin. After the match a mysterious doctor wearing the Scream mask entered the ring and put down Pandita with an injection. Tobita was shocked and yelled at the doctor for killing the creature. Tobita told him a friendship began to grow with him and Pandita and swore revenge on the “fake doctor”.

Gorikiko appeared dressed in a Santa costume. Not a sexy Santa costume, just regular Santa. She was disappointed she did not have a match on the show but said she would work hard as a second for the wrestlers.


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