UNION “NEW YEAR UNION 2014”, 11/01/2014
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
304 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Richard Burn defeated Tomoya Kawamura by TKO with the Afterburn (1:15).
2. Idea Pocket Presents: Seiya Morohashi defeated Ryu Gouma (w/ Mitomi Masayuki) with the Crippler Crossface (1:49).
3. Kyoko Kimura defeated SAGAT with the Big Boot (9:30).
4. Shuji Ishikawa & Kaori Yoneyama defeated Menso~re Oyaji & Mio Shirai when Ishikawa pinned Shirai with the Splash Mountain (10:28).
5. World Men’s Club First Match: Hiroshi Fukuda & MEN’S Teioh defeated Isami Kodaka & Daichi Kazato when Fukuda pinned Kazato with the Perfect Plex (13:06).
6. Emergency Special Match: Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari defeated Daichi Kazato & Tomoya Kawamura when Ohka pinned Kawamura with the Spear Of Fire (2:23).
7. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry (c) defeated Sareee with the Spring Night Love (8:55).
*V2 for Cherry.
8. Union MAX Title: Ivan Markov (c) defeated FUMA with the Neck Hanging Bomb (14:02).
*V1 for Ivan Markov.

World Men’s Club showed their strength over Union today with all of their members scoring victories over the Union roster. Ivan Markov took care of FUMA in the main event Union MAX Title match with a little help from his stable mates. Hiroshi Fukuda & MEN’S Teioh also scored a win over Isami Kodaka & Daichi Kazato.

If the World Men’s Club boasting of their superiority wasn’t bad enough, Union also now has a new invasion led by a former friend to deal with. Mid way through the show a banner with “Declaration of War” written on it was unveiled in the arena. All of a sudden Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari from Ganbare☆Wrestling appeared! Imanari said that Ganpuro saves wrestling from a rotten life. Naomi Susan didn’t want to deal with Ohka annoying her so she sent Daichi Kazato & Tomoya Kawamura after the invaders in an impromptu match. Unfortunately for them they had already wrestled while Ohka & Imanari were on fresh form despite wrestling in suits. The Ganpuro team won and struck the first blow in their invasion and continued fighting with their opponents until Mitomi Masayuki and SAGAT arrived. When the invaders finally left, Susan thanked the Union wrestlers for chasing them off and called for the show to continue.

Cherry said her Fly To Everywhere Title Match with Sareee was like wrestling a version of herself from 22 years ago. When asked what she was like 22 years ago, Cherry said she had a crew cut and participated in Judo. She hasn’t considered who her next challenger will be but wants to defend her championship more and more.

Shuji Ishikawa was challenged by Richard Burn to a match for the 11th February show in Yokohama. Shuji accepted and is interested in the Wrestling Vs Karate dynamic. Earlier in the show, Burn had his second match in Union. His martial arts background overwhelmed his opponent, this time the rookie Tomoya Kawamura. Burn knocked him out with the Afterburn in quick fashion.

SAGAT tried to get on Kyoko Kimura’s good side before their match by offering her bananas. Kimura didn’t even entertain the offer and kicked them away, making SAGAT angry. Kimura wound up beating SAGAT but offered him a banana after their match. SAGAT accepted it.


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