UNION “MARCH OF THE UNION 2014”, 23/03/2014
Kawasaki Plaza Sol
300 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Mitomi Masayuki Vs Yumehito Imanari ended in a Double Count Out (4:33).
2. No DQ, No Count Out: Ken Ohka, Tomohiro Otani & Yumehito Imanari defeated Seiya Morohashi, Daichi Kazato & Mitomi Masayuki when Ohka pinned Kazato with the Spear Of Fire (7:47).
3. Idea Pocket Presents: Anarko Montaña & Ryu Gouma defeated Menso~re Oyaji & Tomoya Kawamura when Montaña pinned Kawamura with a Moonsault (6:42).
4. Hikaru Sato defeated SAGAT with a Single Leg Crab Hold (6:47).
5. Shuji Ishikawa, FUMA & Ladybeard defeated Hiroshi Fukuda, HIROKI & Freddy Martello when Ladybeard pinned Fukuda with the Nutcracker (9:55).
6. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry (c) defeated Mio Shirai with the Spring Night Love (6:17).
*V3 for Cherry.
7. Union MAX Title: Isami Kodaka defeated Ivan Markov (c) with the Zan Isamu Leg (19:00).
*Ivan Markov fails in V2. Isami Kodaka becomes the 2nd Union MAX Champion!

The Union MAX Title is finally around the waist of a Union wrestler. Isami Kodaka had little time to recover from a successful BJW Death Match Title defence against Ryuji Ito to challenge for Union’s new championship held by the Russian Ivan Markov. The big turning point of the match was Kodaka countering a Super Power Bomb onto a stack of chairs outside the ring. Kodaka blocked the move and instead sent Markov into the chairs with a Hurricanrana. Isami won with the Isamu Zan Leg but offered a handshake to Markov after the match. He called Markov a strong wrestler who can go home to Russia proud of his performance. Markov shook his hand and afterward disbanded World Men’s Club.

Hikaru Sato stepped up to be the first challenger for Kodaka. He introduced himself as a Pancrase fighter who chose to rest in Union for a while. Kodaka took offence and told Sato Union is not a station so he should go somewhere else to rest. Kodaka accepted the challenge but FUMA then asked him why Sato got a shot so easily? Kodaka told him he will prove to Sato that Union is not a resting place.

Hikaru Sato’s entrance music tonight was “You Spin Me Round” by Dead Or Alive. Just wanted to point that out.

Cherry put away Mio Shirai to keep her Fly To Everywhere Title after weeks of bitchy comments between the two. Cherry told Mio that she was able to beat her because of how important the championship is. Ladybeard suddenly appeared after the match. He said he likes to wear women’s clothing so he wants to wrestle more with women in Union. He promises to bring a cute Japanese friend with him to wrestle at Union’s show in Korakuen Hall next month. He had to convince Naomi Susan that his friend really is a woman for her to consider his request.

Hiroshi Fukuda and HIROKI had a falling out over their 6-Man Tag loss to the Union Sekigun. Fukuda blamed HIROKI for not listening to a highly skilled wrestler such as himself. HIROKI in turn criticised Fukuda for cheating and told him he doesn’t understand wrestling. HIROKI brought in his UWA Tag Team Title and dared Fukuda to challenge for it. Fukuda said he would and brought in MEN’s Teioh to be his partner. HIROKI then introduced his partner and the title co-holder Yasu Urano! The title match was set for 27th April.

Ganbare☆Wrestling stepped up its attacks on Union with Ken Ohka leading his team to ambush Mitomi Masayuki in the opener. Seiya Morohashi & Daichi Kazato came to the rescue and the opening match ended in a double count out. The brawling between both sides continued so it turned into a 6-Man Tag No DQ match. The Ganbare team came out on top when Ohka pinned Kazato with the Spear Of Fire. Ohka then challenged Union to an Elimination Match in Kitizawa on 6th April and demanded Shuji Ishikawa to be included on Union’s team. Ishikawa accepted and another brawl broke out.


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