Shin-Kiba 1st RING
188 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Revenge Of The Tiger!: Fumihito Kihara defeated Kotaro Nasu with the Rolling Hell Hold (5:40).
2. Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament – Round 1: Ken Ohka defeated Megane with a Cobra Twist (3:21).
3. Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament – Round 1: Shota defeated Shibata Maeda with a School Boy (3:47).
4. Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament – Round 1: Yuki Shizuku defeated Gorikiko by Knockout with a Back Drop (6:38).
5. Medical Human Dog Food Death Match: Survival Tobita defeated Dr. Kiriko with a Piledriver (6:20).
6. Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament – Semi Final: Ken Ohka Vs Shota ended in a Double Count Out (5:34)
6a. Shota defeated Ken Ohka by Count Out (0:24).
7. Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament – Semi Final: Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated Yuki Shizuku with a Cross Armlock (8:51).
8. Special Tag Match: Osamu Namiguchi & Crusher Takahashi defeated Yumehito Imanari & Tigger Bed Scene when Namiguchi submitted Bed Scene with a Half Crab (16:17).
9. Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament – Final: Tatsuhito Takaiwa defeated Shota by Knockout with the Death Valley Bomb (10:38).

This show was built around the Ganbare☆Martial Arts Open Tournament, pitting 8 fighters with different styles against each other in a playoff. Matches could be won by pinfall, submission, a 10 count KO or a 10 count outside the ring. In the first round Ken Ohka (Pro Wrestling) defeated Megane (Taekwando), Shota (American Wrestling) defeated Shibata Maeda (Mixed Martial Arts) and Yuki Shizuku (Amateur Wrestling) defeated Gorikiko (Judo). One of the unknown fighters invited to compete declined to participate, allowing Jr. Heavyweight wrestler Tatsuhito Takaiwa (Tai Chi) a bye into the semi finals. In the semis Ohka and Shota were both counted outside of the ring leading to a draw. The match was immediately restarted and Shota dove onto Ohka from the apron. The two were in danger of getting counted out again until Shota entered the ring before the ref counted ten. Shota celebrated his victory by getting the audience to chant “Yes!” over and over. Taikawa defeated Shizuku by submission to meet Shota in the final. Takaiwa then knocked out Shota with his patented Death Valley Bomb to win the tournament. Taikawa offered a handshake to Shota after the match but instead knocked him down with a Lariat. He took the mic and said he never wanted to be in the tournament and does not know Tai Chi. He called Ganbare☆Wrestling a scum company for lying about him. Ohka confronted Taikawa and challenged him to a match on 1st June.

Survival Tobita got his revenge on Dr. Kiriko in a Medical Human Dog Food Death Match, which I think was just a fancy name for a regular old death match involving medical items. The match was officiated by a special doctor known as Dr. Lin. Kiriko did some nefarious stuff to try and beat Tobita, even giving him an examination during the match. This backfired when he struck Tobita’s knee with a hammer and unintentionally got a Low Blow in return. Kiriko turned the tables and intended to kill Tobita with an injection but Dr. Lin came to the rescue and gave Kiriko the Rainmaker. Tobita followed up with a Piledriver to get the three count. As punishment for losing, Kiriko was unmasked to reveal he was Atsushi Maruyama, the former Tigers Mask from Osaka Pro! Maruyama then acted like he was saved from darkness saying that the school route he used to be scared of is now gone, the rain has stopped and the sun is starting to rise again. He also said he will not return to Ganpuro because of his actions.


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