Sapporo Teisan Hall
138 Fans

0. Dark Match: Makoto Oishi Vs Konosuke Takeshita ended in a Time Limit Draw (5:00).
0. Dark Match: Konosuke Takeshita defeated DJ Nira with the Touchdown (4:32).
0. Dark Match: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Makoto Oishi by Disqualification when Danshoku Dino attacked Takeshita (1:42).
1. No DQ Match: Danshoku Dino defeated Konosuke Takeshita with the Gay-do Clutch (8:22).

Danshoku Dino had Konosuke Takeshita go through a series of dark matches before they could have their No DQ Match. Takeshita fought Makoto Oishi to a time limit draw, then beat DJ Nira afterwards. Takeshita wound up hurting his knee but had to fight Oishi again. He was about to submit Oishi with the Walls Of Takeshita when Dino ran into the ring and attacked Takeshita for the DQ. A chair was used often in the No DQ match and at one point Takeshita had Dino beat with a German Suplex but the referee was knocked unconscious. When Takeshita checked on the ref Dino rolled him over with the Gay-do Clutch. That was when the ref recovered and counted the pin, giving Dino the victory. Dino and Oishi attacked Takeshita after the match but they were then chased off by Antonio Honda and DJ Nira.

Sapporo Teisan Hall
127 Fans

Kenny Omega defeated Michael Nakazawa with the Gorgeous Superstar Elbow (25:50).

There was a special rule for this match. Amon Tsurumi had a deck of cards with a different wrestler’s name on it. Everytime he drew a card Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa had to perform that wrestler’s signature moves. The cards used were Kazuchika Okada, HARASHIMA, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Antonio Inoki, The Rock, Stan Hansen, Hulk Hogan, Great Kabuki, Great Muta, DJ Nira, Michael Nakazawa and finally Gorgeous Matsuno.

Sapporo Teisan Hall
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2 Out Of 3 Falls: Antonio Honda defeated Daisuke Sasaki 2-1 (23:07).
Bra Stripping Match: Antonio Honda defeated Daisuke Sasaki (9:13).
Wasabi Éclair Death Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Antonio Honda when Honda ate the Wasabi Éclair (19:38).
One Count Match: Antonio Honda defeated Daisuke Sasaki with a Sunset Flip (23:07).

The Wasabi Éclair Death Match involved a wrestler having to eat an éclair everytime his opponent kicks out of a pin at two. There were five éclairs but one of them was filled with wasabi. Whoever ate the Wasabi Éclair would be the loser. Throughout the match Antonio Honda and Daisuke Sasaki ate two éclairs each and felt no discomfort. Honda knocked down Sasaki with a Bionic Elbow and went for the pin but Sasaki kicked out. Honda ate the final éclair and immediately ran out of the ring looking for a bathroom so he could wash the wasabi out of his mouth. Honda was able to recover and win the final fall when he countered a Hurricanrana into a Sunset Flip.

Sapporo Teisan Hall
120 Fans

HARASHIMA defeated MIKAMI with the Somato (22:49).

Ladders were legal to use in the last one match show of the day. HARASHIMA told MIKAMI after the match that they should do it again. MIKAMI said next time he would win.


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