DDT “KING OF DDT 2014” Results

June 29, 2014


DDT “KING OF DDT 2014”, 29/06/2014
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2,000 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Dark Match – Two Round 5 Way Match: Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Hoshitango Vs Gota Ihashi Vs Shunma Katsumata Vs DJ Nira ended in a Time Limit Draw (R2 3:00).
1. Akito, Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo defeated Keisuke Ishii, Soma Takao & Kazuki Hirata when Takeshita pinned Hirata with a German Suplex (7:48).
2. King Of DDT 2014 – Semi Final: KUDO defeated Shigehiro Irie with the Diving Double Knee Drop (12:40).
3. King Of DDT 2014 – Semi Final: Isami Kodaka defeated Kota Ibushi with a European Clutch (11:03).
4. Takagi-gun Vs Michael-gun Elimination Match: Michael Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi, MIKAMI & Antonio Honda (Special Referee: Minoru Suzuki) (7:48).
4a. Michael Nakazawa eliminated Antonio Honda by Ring Out (2:43).
4b. Michael Nakazawa eliminated MIKAMI by Ring Out (3:07).
4c. Michael Nakazawa eliminated Toru Owashi by Ring Out (3:19).
4d. Sanshiro Takagi eliminated Danshoku Dino by Ring Out (4:18).
4e. Sanshiro Takagi eliminated Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Makoto Oishi by Ring Out (4:31).
4f. Michael Nakazawa eliminated Sanshiro Takagi with the Low Fly Flow (7:48).
5. 3 Way Tag Team Match: Kenny Omega & Daisuke Sasaki defeated HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano and Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi when Omega pinned Urano with the Croyt’s Wrath (6:35).
*Kenny Omega wins Yasu Urano’s Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.
KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) defeated Super Sasadango Machine with the Smato (6:35).
*V1 for HARASHIMA. Super Sasadango Machine cashes in his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.
6. King Of DDT 2014 – Final: Isami Kodaka defeated KUDO with the Zan Isamu Leg (16:06).





The new King Of DDT is not from DDT at all. After a strong singles run in Big Japan, Union’s very own Isami Kodaka has now scored success in DDT and will be one half of the main event at “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2014”. Kodaka earned that spot by beating two of DDT’s most decorated wrestlers. In the semi-finals of the tournament KUDO defeated Shigehiro Irie and Kodaka beat Kota Ibushi. The latter match featured a crazy moment where both Kodaka and Ibushi fought each other on top of the entrance gate. In the final Kodaka attempted to use El Generico’s Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!! but KUDO escaped. Kodaka then tried the European Clutch he used to beat Ibushi but that also did not work. KUDO fought back with Spin Kicks and High Kicks but Kodaka countered it into a Brainbuster and finally won with the Zan Isamu Leg. Kodaka dedicated the win to Union and will go on to face the KO-D Openweight Champion.


But who the champion will be on 17th August is the question. HARASHIMA found out who his next challenger is before Kodaka and also came close to losing the title at the same time. Kenny Omega pinned Yasu Urano in the 3 Way Tag Match to win his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract. Kenny said he wants to be in the main event at Sumo Hall and the only way he can do that is to win the championship from HARASHIMA. Kenny then challenged HARASHIMA to a title match at the final Korakuen Hall show before Sumo Hall on 20th July. And then Super Sasadango Machine’s music started playing…




Sasadango came out with the other remaining Right To Challenge Contract and said he wanted to be the KO-D Champion. He spent the past few months researching what it would take for him to become champion. He then showed a PowerPoint presentation of his research. He concluded that he needed a powerful special move in order to win so he came up with what he calls the Vertical Drop Lehman Shock (imagine Prince Devitt’s Bloody Sunday but without hooking the arm). According to Sasadango, hitting the Lehman Shock three times is all he needs to deplete all of his opponent’s HP. He was going to prove it right away because he then cashed in his contract! Sasadango hit the Lehman Shock over and over (and got the crowd to chant “One More Time!” after every one) but HARASHIMA just kept kicking out. The champion recovered and hit Sasadango with a High Kick and the Somato. That was all it took for a successful title defence. After the match HARASHIMA identified Sasadango as Muscle Sakai and said his research was interesting but forgot something very important. HARASHIMA can recover up to 80% health from the support of his fans and tonight he was restored to 90%. He still thought it was a fun match though.


Tsurumi Amon announced a big match that he believed would attract a lot of attention for “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2014”. DDT’s rookie phenom Konosuke Takeshita will take on New Japan superstar Hiroshi Tanahashi! The star made his entrance, played his air guitar, unbuttoned his shirt and introduced himself as the once in a century talent. He then told Takeshita he was looking forward to their match. Takeshita’s response was that he is a one in 200 million million years including the Jurrasic Era talent and his ability outweighs all!


Michael Nakazawa was the sole survivor of the Elimination Match but not without the surprise help of his new ally. Nakazawa had a surprisingly good showing in the match, eliminating everyone in Sanshito Takagi’s team. When the match came down to Nakazawa and Takagi, Nakazawa used referee Daisuke Kiso as a shield from a Takagi Lariat. Then he wiped out replacement referee Yukinori Matsui with the Ultimate Venom Arm. Nakazawa called out the next replacement referee, Minoru Suzuki! Tsurumi Amon complained about Suzuki’s appearance but immediately backed down when Suzuki looked at him. Takagi pinned Nakazawa but Suzuki counted slowly until there was a kickout. Nakazawa rolled over Takagi and Suzuki did a fast count but Takagi kicked out. Takagi got angry at Suzuki and got put in a Sleeper Hold for his troubles. Suzuki then planted him with the Gotch-Style Piledriver and Nakazawa covered Takagi to win the match. Nakazawa taunted Takagi after the match and told him to quit before he faces himself and Suzuki at Sumo Hall. Takagi said they will have a Street Wrestling match and his partner is Jun Kasai! The Crazy Monkey appeared and stood face to face with Suzuki. He simply told him “Nice to meet you”.


Kota Ibushi will celebrate his 10th anniversary in wrestling during July. He has two DVDs coming out featuring his best matches for DDT and New Japan respectively. There will also be a 10th Anniversary show in Osaka on 13th July. Ibushi gets to decide the card for the show but fireworks will be prohibited.

Tokyo Women’s Wrestling members Miyu Yamashita and Erin announced a special Tokyo Joshi show on 11th July in Ichigaya for the injured Ririko Kendo. Kendo is currently out of action with injuries to both her left and right arms. Afterwards Shigehiro Irie and Akito announced DDT will be part of “KENGO TAKAI AID” in Sportiva Arena on 6th July. Freelance wrestler Kengo Takai fractured his ankle and several wrestlers from around the scene are coming together to raise money for him. KUDO and Yukio Sakaguchi will also be on the card.

DDT will do another photobook with photographer Leslie Kee. The book will be called Super DDT.

King Of DDT Final This Sunday

June 27, 2014

DDT “KING OF DDT 2014”, 29/06/2014
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. Dark Match – 5 Way Match: Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Hoshitango Vs Gota Ihashi Vs Shunma Katsumata Vs DJ Nira
1. Akito, Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo Vs Keisuke Ishii, Soma Takao & Kazuki Hirata
2. Takagi-gun Vs Michael-gun Elimination Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi, MIKAMI & Antonio Honda Vs Michael Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi
3. 3 Way Tag Team Match: HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano Vs Kenny Omega & Daisuke Sasaki Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi
4. King Of DDT 2014 – Semi Final: Shigehiro Irie Vs KUDO
5. King Of DDT 2014 – Semi Final: Kota Ibushi Vs Isami Kodaka
6. King Of DDT 2014 – Final:

Just four men left in the King Of DDT. At the end of the night either Shigehiro Irie, KUDO, Kota Ibushi or Isami Kodaka will become one half of the main event at this year’s “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2014”. HARASHIMA is currently the other half as the KO-D Openweight Champion but that may change. Remember that Yasu Urano and Super Sasadango Machine have the two remaining Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contracts.

Unionise The Power Of Dreams, BOYZ Tanabata Special, Sato Vs Shuji

June 26, 2014

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Last Of Megane!! Glasses Carve The Soul: Fumihito Kihara Vs Megane
2. Special Single Match: Tiger Bed Scene Vs Bank Robbery Man
3. Power Of Dreams Take Off!: Yumehito Imanari & Chikara Vs Mitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura
4. No Offline Broadcast Special Streaming Double Hell Tag Team Match: Tanomusaku Doba & Aoi Ishibashi Vs Shibata & Manami Kanda
5. Special Single Match: Ken Ohka Vs GENTARO
6. Special Tag Team Match: Osamu Namiguchi & Shota Vs Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Black Tiger V

Union answered the challenge from the Power Of Dreams and will send their young prospects Mitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura to Ganbare☆Wrestling. Masayuki & Kawamura were involved in the Union Vs Ganpuro feud and there may still be bad blood between them and Yumehito Imanari.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Daisuke Sasaki & Masa Takanashi Vs Shunma Katsumata & Tomoya Kawamura
2. Makoto Oishi Vs Hiroshi Fukuda
3. Keisuke Ishii & Kazuki Hirata Vs Soma Takao & Mitomi Masayuki
4. Yukio Sakaguchi Vs Akito
5. HARASHIMA, Kota Ibushi & Konosuke Takeshita Vs KUDO, Isami Kodaka & Tetsuya Endo

Want to see the show? If you’re a man then too bad. As always BOYZ is for women only.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Union MAX Title: Hikaru Sato (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

It’s a long way to go until the next Union MAX Title defence but for Hikaru Sato Vs Shuji Ishikawa it will be worth the wait.


June 22, 2014


120 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. 3 Way Match: Nonoko defeated Chikage Kiba and Shoko Nakajima when Nonoko pinned Nakajima with a Diving Body Attack (8:06).
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – First Round: Yuka Sakazaki defeated KANNA with a Backslide Pin (4:30).
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – First Round: Miyu Yamashita defeated Erin with the Crash Rabbit Heat (4:37).

Miyu Yamashita and Yuka Sakazaki both advance to the Tokyo Princess Cup semi finals. What made Sakazaki’s victory especially sweet is it was her first win in Tokyo Women’s Wrestling.

Ririko Kendo was in attendance and greeted the audience at the start of the show. She is currently out of action with an arm injury.


June 22, 2014


Matsuyama City Comprehensive Community Centre
434 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Antonio Honda defeated Michael Nakazawa with the Octopus Hold (9:34).
2. 3 Way Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Soma Takao and Ojoka Kid when Sasaki pinned Takao with a Crucifix Pin (11:11).
3. Sanshiro Takagi & PSYCHO defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo when Takagi pinned Endo with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb (11:34).
4. All Asia Tag Team Titles: Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie (c) defeated MIKAMI & Isami Kodaka when Ishii pinned MIKAMI with the Tigers Suplex (14:16).
*V3 for Team Dream Futures.
5. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega (c) defeated Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi when Omega pinned Oishi after the PK Mind (13:21).
*V5 for The Golden Lovers.
6. KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi defeated HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano & Akito when KUDO pinned Akito with the Diving Double Knee Drop (18:02).

One day after defending the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title in New Japan, Kota Ibushi was able to also defend the KO-D Tag Team Titles with Kenny Omega today. The Golden Lovers earned a 5th successful defence this time knocking off Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi. Omega now wonders if those two were really the strongest challengers available. He wants to face the strongest challengers but also realises that might be bad because he has not been concentrating a lot on the Tag Titles lately. Instead Kenny has been trying to get into the main event scene as a single wrestler.

Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie were pleased with their latest defence of the All Asia Tag Team Titles. They were grateful to go up against a team made up of a DDT ace in MIKAMI and a Union ace in Isami Kodaka.

Tomomitsu Matsunaga had to miss the show due to unknown circumstances. He was replaced by a mysterious local wrestler called Ojoka Kid. He has the same looking body as Matsunaga and also came out to his theme song.


June 21, 2014


Shin-Kiba 1st RING
256 Fans

0. Dark Match: Kotaro Nasu (0D/1E/0P) defeated Kenji Takeshima (0D/1E/0P) with a Cross Armlock (4:57).
1. Ota Shunpei (0D/2E/0P) defeated Kenta Hattori (0D/0E/0P) with a Sleeper Hold (3:56).
2. Hayato Mashita (0D/2E/0P) defeated Naohisa Kawamura (0D/0E/0P) with a Front Neck Lock (2:24).
3. Super Tiger (0D/2E/0P) defeated Takatoshi Matsumoto (1D/0E/0P) by KO with a Spin Kick (3:30).
4. Manabu Hara (D/E/P) defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga (D/E/P) with a Jumping Cross Armlock (4:17).
5. Poai Suganama (0D/1E/0P) defeated Koji Iwamoto (0D/1E/0P) with a Cross Armlock (3:51).
6. Atsushi Aoki (1D/1E/0P) defeated Hiroshi Kobayashi (1D/0E/0P) with a Scorpion Deathlock (7:34)
7. Yukio Sakaguchi (1D/1E/0P) Vs Ryuki Ueyama (1D/1E/0P) ended in a Time Limit Draw (10:00).
8. Hikaru Sato (0D/2E/0P) defeated Chongwen Ito (0D/2E/0P) with a Front Neck Lock (14:23).

There was a bigger emphasis of submission holds in the latest Hard Hit event. After the main event Hikaru Sato spoke about training in Pancrase. He admitted there were times when he thought about quitting but this is wrestling. It’s supposed to be painful and tough. Sato said he will continue the new style of Hard Hit from now on.


June 19, 2014


UNION “NIMOMAKEZU RAIN 2014”, 19/06/2014
Shinjuku Tansu Kumin Hall
287 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. FUMA defeated Mitomi Masayuki with the PK (6:37).
2. Mio Shirai & Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Kaori Yoneyama & Sareee when Shirai pinned Sareee with the Tsuchigumo (7:39).
3. Idea Pocket Presents – Sayonara Tsubasa Amami Special: Madoka defeated Ryu Gouma with a Small Package (2:42).
4. MEN’s Teioh defeated Tomoya Kawamura with the Miracle Ecstasy (6:46).
5. Shuji Ishikawa, Daichi Kazato & SAGAT defeated Isami Kodaka, Seiya Morohashi & Goro Jr. when Ishikawa pinned Goro with the Splash Mountain (14:36).
6. Fly To Everywhere Title: Ladybeard defeated Cherry (c) with the Nutcracker (6:19).
*Cherry fails in V4. Ladybeard becomes the 3rd Fly To Everywhere Champion!
7. Union MAX Title: Hikaru Sato (c) defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with a Shoulder Lock (23:45).
*V1 for Hikaru Sato.

It was Pancrase Vs “USA!” in the main event of today’s Union show. Hikaru Sato put his Union Max Championship on the line against the patriotic American Hiroshi Fukuda. While on paper the match looked one-sided, Fukuda turned out to be no pushover for the champion. Sato brought out the strikes and submissions but ignored the ref’s call to stop attacking Fukuda in the corner. Seiya Morohashi yelled at Sato to back off and the two kept glancing at each other until Fukuda started fighting back. Fukuda’s American style offence was effective going into the late stages of the match and the champ was in trouble when he was put in the Sharpshooter. Sato turned the tables when he countered a Discus Punch into a Shoulder Lock. Sato locked in the move tightly to the point where the referee stepped in and stopped the match in his favour.

Sato looked out among the Union wrestlers to search for his next challenger. He told them that they cannot just eat meat to become great, they have to eat ther vegetables aswell. Shuji Ishikawa approached Sato and challenged him to a title match. He promised to beat Sato and bring the MAX Title back to Union.

Ladybeard is the new Fly To Everywhere Champion after he defeated Cherry in the semi-main event. Cherry was prepared to embarress the challenger by bringing in an elctric shaver. She low blowed Ladybeard and then tried to shave him by force! Ladybeard had to bite Cherry’s arm in order to escape. Cherry did what she could but could not avoid the Nutcracker finisher. Ladybeard screamed with joy when he won the title and went on to call himself a really cute champion. In a backstage interview Ladybeard said he wants Mio Shirai to be his first challenger.

Ryu Gouma spoke about gambling on the World Cup at the beginning of the show. He rambled on about the typical penalties for illegally gambling and also some loopholes to get away with it. His moral of the story is it’s ok to gamble a little bit if you bet with something like a meal. Later in the show he took part in the Idea Pocket sponsored match against Madoka. Gouma had with him ¥30,000 and tried over and over to bribe Madoka to take a dive. Madoka wanted to take it but the referee kept stopping them. The referee eventually Super Kicked Gouma for his attempted bribary and Madoka then pinned him with a Small Package. After the match Idea Pocket announced that Tsubasa Amami has graduated from Union and this was her final show.

Some challenges were thrown out throughout the show. Daichi Kazato challenged Goro Jr. to a match after the 6-Man Tag. FUMA asked Mitomi Masayuki for another match sometime after he beat him in the opener.