Tokyo Asakusa Flower Mansion
370 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

Falls Count Anywhere Captain’s Punishment Death Match: Jun Kasai (C), Hiroshi Fukuda, Emi Sakura & DJ Nira defeated Sanshiro Takagi (C), Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Michael Nakazawa (26:40).
a. Sanshiro Takagi (C) pinned Hiroshi Fukuda with a Stunner (0:12).
b. Emi Sakura submitted Michael Nakazawa with an Embarrassment Stretch (5:12).
c. Makoto Oishi pinned Hiroshi Fukuda with a School Boy (8:44)
d. Jun Kasai (C) pinned Michael Nakazawa with the Pearl Harbour Splash through a table (10:40).
e. Michael Nakazawa pinned Hiroshi Fukuda with the Ultimate Venom Arm (12:24)
f. Hiroshi Fukuda pinned Sanshiro Takagi (C) with the Perfect Plex (26:40).

DDT teamed up with girl group BiS for a combined concert and Anywhere Pro Wrestling match. The rainy weather in the theme park set the scene for the show’s storyline. After BiS advertised their final concert to be held in July, Sanshiro Takagi and his team approached the stage and interrupted the performance. Takagi wanted to put a stop to the concert. Hiroshi Fukuda came to the rescue and was joined by Emi Sakura and DJ Nira, who both had tickets for the show. Jun Kasai also showed up because he has history with BiS. He was the cornerman for BiS member Pour Lui when she wrestled at Sumo Hall for DDT last year. Takagi called in back up and out came Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi and Michael Nakazawa. An 8-Man Tag match was decided there and then but with a stipulation attached. Kasai and Takagi became the captains of their team and the match would only end when one captain pinned the other. For every other result, BiS would get to perform a song whenever Kasai’s team won a fall and a BiS member would be punished whenever Takagi’s team won a fall.

The match began on the stage and Takagi immediately pinned Fukuda with a Stunner. He decided to punish one of the BiS girls by writing on her face with a marker. The match restarted near a rollercoaster where Sakura embarrassed Nakazawa into submission by pulling down his shorts and tying him into a ball with them. BiS performed the song “Mylxxx”. The match then went over to the Space Shot ride where Fukuda was pinned again. A BiS member was forced to take a ride in the Space Shot where she was launched 60m into the air. Kasai won the next fall by putting Nakazawa through a table with the Pearl Harbour Splash. As a result BiS got to perform “Spell Of The Sun” while riding on a merry go round. Fukuda once again lost a fall after Nakazawa took him down with the Ultimate Venom Arm. Nakazawa then decided Pour Lui should be given the Ultimate Venom Arm too! Lui got her revenge when Kasai gave her a barbed wire baseball bat. She took out her frustrations on Takagi’s team with the bat, even striking Dino in the rear end with it. Kasai hit Takagi with the bat and Fukuda finally got his moment when he pinned Takagi with the Perfect Plex, winning the match for his team! Takagi admitted defeat and BiS performed one more song to end the show.


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