DDT “KING OF DDT FUKUOKA 2014”, 14/06/2014
Fukuoka Saitopia
290 Fans – No Vacancy

1. King Of DDT – Round 1: Antonio Honda defeated Yasu Urano with the Octopus Hold (10:52).
2. King Of DDT – Round 1: Shigehiro Irie defeated Soma Takao with the Beast Bomber (9:10).
3. King Of DDT – Round 1: Tomomitsu Matsunaga defeated Kenny Omega with a Diving Cross Body Cutback (11:41).
4. King Of DDT – Round 1: KUDO defeated MIKAMI with a Back Spin Kick (2:25).
5. HARASHIMA, Akito, Yuto Aijima, Azul Dragon & Michael Nakazawa defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Makoto Oishi, Tetsuya Endo, Batten Tamagawa & Gots Ihashi when HARASHIMA pinned Ihashi with the Somato (9:37).
6. King Of DDT – Round 1: Kota Ibushi defeated Keisuke Ishii with the Sit Down Last Ride (7:53).
7. King Of DDT – Round 1: Masa Takanashi defeated Danshoku Dino with the Takatonic (9:38).
8. King Of DDT – Round 1: Isami Kodaka defeated Yukio Sakaguchi with the Zan Isamu Leg (10:07).
9. King Of DDT – Round 1: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Daisuke Sasaki with the Touchdown (17:16).

The first round of this year’s King Of DDT threw up some interesting results and match-ups. Antonio Honda submitted Yasu Urano and will face Shigehiro Irie in Round 2. Irie is focused on winning the tournament so he will get a Sumo Hall rematch with HARASHIMA one year after HARASHIMA won the KO-D Title from him. Tomomitsu Matsunaga earned a major upset victory over Kenny Omega. Despite gaining a lot of confidence from the win, Matsunaga’s next opponent will have the advantage. KUDO wasted no time in beating MIKAMI and will be fresh as a daisy tomorrow. Kota Ibushi and Masa Takanashi both won their matches and now their paths will meet. Ibushi doesn’t know what tactics Takanashi will have up his sleeve for their match. Isami Kodaka beat Yukio Sakaguchi and stayed at ringside to watch the main event where the winner would be his next opponent. That man turned out to be Konosuke Takeshita. The young phenom defeated Daisuke Sasaki in the longest match of the night. Afterwards Takeshita said he thinks he proved he can win the tournament.


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