Shin-Kiba 1st RING
250 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Last Of Megane!! Glasses Carve The Soul: Fumihito Kihara defeated Megane with a Kiwi Roll (6:53).
2. No Offline Broadcast Special Streaming Double Hell Tag Team Match: Tanomusaku Toba & Aoi Ishibashi defeated Shibata & Manami Kanda when Ishibashi pinned Kanda with the Amiuchi Atomic Bomb (9:27).
3. Special Single Match: Tiger Bed Scene defeated Bank Robbery Man with the Besshinoku Driver (8:17).
4. Power Of Dreams Take Off!: Mitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura defeated Yumehito Imanari & Chikara by Disqualification when Imanari attacked the referee (10:04).
5. Special Single Match: Ken Ohka Vs GENTARO ended in a Double KO (18:48).
6. Special Tag Team Match: Osamu Namiguchi & Shota defeated Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Black Tiger V when Shota pinned Tiger with the Frog Splash (14:36).

Shota scored a big victory in the main event by pinning a Black Tiger. After the match Shota said when he joined Ganbare☆Wrestling a year ago he never thought he would be main eventing Shin-Kiba 1st RING. Now he thinks Ganpuro can become major league and his proof is being able to buy a house and car with the money he’s earned from wrestling in the company. He has grown and he knows Ganpuro can grow too. Osamu Namiguchi cut in to remind Shota that he hates Ganpuro but he still agrees to wrestle here so he deserves some credit.

Ken Ohka and GENTARO brought each other to the limit in the semi-main event. Ohka came out to “Car Wars” by Tom Scott which was used by Dynamite Kid when he wrestled in Japan. Both men fought their hearts out as GENTARO countered the Spear Of Fire with the Vertical Drop Brainbuster. Ohka found his fighting spirit and got into a Lariat Battle that ended in another Brainbuster. Both men were out flat as the ref began the 10 count. GENTARO was close to getting back to his feet but it was too late, the ref counted both men out and the match ended in a Double Knockout. GENTARO thought he should have won and he asked the audience if they thought it was a draw. Ohka claimed he took a big step forward and GENTARO agreed with him, saying he has grown since they first met 12 years ago. He also told him to continue working hard and they shook hands. GENTARO said he really liked wrestling in Ganpuro and also the enthusiasm Ohka brings to the company. He offered to become a counselor for Ganpuro so he could help out when needed.

The first match for Power Of Dreams did not work out as planned. Tempers flared as Yumehito Imanari was pitted against his enemies from UnionMitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura. Things got out of control when the Union team double teamed Chikara and yelled out “This is the end of Ganbare☆Wrestling!” Imanari came to the rescue with a chair and went crazy by throwing non-stop punches at Masayuki. The referee tried to stop him but was knocked down, forcing the match to end by disqualification. Imanari yelled over and over that he wanted to win. Chikara told him he also wants to win and they agreed to get ready for their next match together.

Bank Robbery Man turned out to be Atsushi Maruyama. I should have saw that coming. It is another in his growing line of schemes to rejoin the Ganpuro roster after last year declaring he would leave the company forever. His excuse this time was he wasted his money on lottery tickets over the last four years so he could afford a desk he wanted since elementary school. When that didn’t work he became Bank Robbery Man. After he was unmasked by Tiger Bed Scene, Maruyama once again apologised and promised that he would not return.

After spending so much of his matches trying to film them with his camera, Shibata has come to the conclusion that he could get even better angles if he was a referee instead. Ken Ohka decided Shibata will be the referee and cameraman for the Public Recording Match between Aoi Ishibashi and Manami Kanda on 23rd July.


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