Shin-Kiba 1st RING
585 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. Exhibition Match: Super Strong Sasadango Scorpion Machine Jr. defeated Shunma Katsumata with the Tombstone Piledriver (5:29).
1. Dramatic Gloves Boxing Match: FUMA, Kazuki Hirata, Tetsuya Endo & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Gota Ihashi (3-1).
1a. Boxing Vs Kickboxing: FUMA defeated Gota Ihashi by Knockout with a High Kick (R2 0:56).
1b. Lucha Libre Glove Rules: Tetsuya Endo defeated Gota Ihashi with La Magistral Cutback (4:43).
1c. Dance Boxing Match: Gota Ihashi defeated Kazuki Hirata with a School Boy (2:54).
1d. Vale Tudo Rules: Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Gota Ihashi by Referee Stoppage with Mounted Punches (2:12).
2. 4 Way Ladder Match: Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Daisuke Sasaki, SAGAT and Goro Jr. when Fukuda grabbed the beer (12:48).
3. Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa defeated Hikaru Shida & Tomomitsu Matsunaga when Nakazawa submitted Matsunaga with the HVS (23:42).
Special Dark Match: Yasu Urano defeated Daisuke Kiso and DJ Nira by Neon Genesis Evangelion Gainax Ending (7:37).
4. Daisuke Sekimoto, Ryuichi Sekine & Antonio Honda defeated Kenny Omega, Daisuke Sasaki & Gota Ihashi when Sekimoto pinned Ihashi with the Deadlift German Suplex (19:51).

The main event was created when each of the active Golden Storm Riders chose which wrestlers they wanted to fight against. Gota Ihashi picked Ryuichi Sekine, Daisuke Sasaki picked Antonio Honda and Kenny Omega picked Daisuke Sekimoto. Their choices were to make sure they would be working hard. Depsite taking the pinfall and losing the match, Ihashi was praised by Omega for putting up a good fight. Ihashi even said he wanted to have a singles match with Sekimoto someday. The show ended with Sekimoto raising a toast to DDT and pro wrestling.

The delightful Hikaru Shida was there to team with Tomomitsu Matsunaga against Kenny & Michael Nakazawa. Shida’s butt word for today was “Beer” and Matsunaga joined in by having the word “Garden” scribbled on his backside. Kenny was happy to team with Nakazawa again and Nakazawa was happy to get physical with Shida. Nakazawa asked if lotion could be used in the match. Shida agreed but only if it meant she was allowed to use her bamboo sword as a weapon. Nakazawa agreed “because I use anything.” Omega and Matsunaga covered themselves in lotion and then slapped each other over and over. Everyone was eventually covered in oil and Shida used her sword to great effect. She and Matsunaga chased off Omega and found a bat to shove up Nakazawa’s backside. Omega returned armed with a lightsaber while wearing a Darth Vader helmet. Omega and Matsunaga had a lightsaber duel until Kenny said he was Matsunaga’s father. Omega wounded Matsunaga with the lightsaber and Nakazawa applied the HVS for the victory. After the match Kenny, Nakazawa and Matsunaga all began to sing the Frozen song “Let It Go” but Shida grabbed the mic from them. Kenny offered a handshake and then tried to hug Shida only to get blasted in the face with the bamboo sword.

All of the Ladder Match contenders were very thirsty so the obvious prize to hang above the ring was a can of beer inside a bucket. Hiroshi Fukuda lost a tooth in the match but won the beer.

Gota Ihashi had a rough day. Before he even had to think about the main event he had to go through a series of boxing style matches. First up was Boxing Vs Kickboxing against FUMA. Ihashi was knocked out with a High Kick. Next up was a Lucha Libre rules boxing bout against Tetsuya Endo. This was more of a wrestling match but both men still had to wear boxing gloves. Endo countered La Magistral Cradle to give Ihashi two losses in a row. Finally there was a Dance Boxing bout against Kazuki Hirata. Ihashi danced with Hirata for a bit but then pinned him with a School Boy. Kota Ibushi was there to watch over the match and when Yukio Sakaguchi suddenly appeared at ringside, Ibushi allowed him to fight Ihashi in a Vale Tudo match. Sakaguchi pretty much killed Ihashi with punches and kicks. Even though FUMA threw in the towel, Ibushi thought Ihashi still had a chance and let the fight continue. Sakaguchi beat the crap out of Ihashi even more to the point where the ref wanted to stop it but Ibushi was still convinced Ihashi had a chance. Finally Ibushi called for the end and awarded the fight to Sakaguchi. Ibushi said he was satisfied and assured the crowd Ihashi was all right.

There were two bonus matches on the show. One was planned by Sasaki and it was a Falls Count Anywhere bout between DJ Nira and Daisuke Kiso. Nira was placed in submission after submission. Yukinori Matsui was pulled out of the ring right before Nira submitted. Nira called Kiso a bully but also said if Kiso just went for the pin, he would let him win. Kiso did what Nira asked him and counted to three. However, the bell never rang and there was no announcement. Instead a bunch of people circled round Kiso and told him “Congratulations!” one after the other. Nira then attacked Kiso and dragged him under the ring. Matsui recovered, looked under the ring and decided that Yasu Urano was the winner because he was the only wrestler visible at ringside.

Kenny’s bonus match took place at the beginning of the show. When he said that he was suddenly greeted by a new masked gaijin wrestler who goes by the name Super Strong Sasadango Scorpion Machine Jr. Kenny decided the newcomer would face Shunma Katsumata. Machine beat him and offered a handshake afterwards but Katsumata rejected it.


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