Shin-Kiba 1st RING
605 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Bra & Blindfold Watermelon Splitting Death Match: Antonio Honda defeated Daisuke Sasaki when Honda split the watermelon (13:50).
2. Wrestling Classroom From Those Days: Shigehiro Irie & Kazuaki Mihara defeated Konosuke Takeshita & TORU when Irie pinned TORU with the Beast Bomber (15:14).
3. Superman Comes To Japan!?: USA Offer Match: Hara Cena & Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Tsuyoso Michaels & HHHH (w/ Choina) when Fukuda pinned HHHH with the Perfect Plex (15:07).
4. Entetsu Challenge: Kenny Omega defeated Tetsuya Endo with the One-Winged Angel (19:52).

Tetsuya Endo was given a big opportunity by having a main event singles match against Kenny Omega. Endo had the crowd support which made Kenny feel a little bitter. Despite pulling out all the stops, Endo was eventually defeated but Kenny had to pull out the One-Winged Angel to win. Kenny said he was surprised at just how good Endo was today and that Endo worked hard because it was Happy Motel Day. Endo thanked him and said he joined DDT wanting to be like Kota Ibushi but he thinks Kenny is the best wrestler in the company. Kenny told Endo he could become a future KO-D Openweight Champion.

Ultimate Superstars Action returned for a special match. Hiroshi Fukuda came out as his Mr. Perfect character and teamed with Hara Cena (HARASHIMA) to battle HHHH (Danshoku Dino) & Tsuyoso Michaels (Antonio Honda). HHHH & Michaels were accompanied by Choina (Seiya Morohashi) and she interfered several times to dish out some low blows. One of those low blows was given to Michaels for some reason and he had to be taken to the back. HHHH used a hammer to weaken his opponents and then gave Fukuda the Pedigree. All of a sudden “Real American” played over the speakers and out came Antonio Hogan! HHHH hit Hogan with the hammer and followed with the Pedigree but Hogan Hulked up. He fought back and gave HHHH the Leg Drop. Hara Cena followed up with the Attitude Adjustment and Fukuda brought the match to an end with the Perfect Plex.

Kazuaki Mihara made himself look like Shigehiro Irie when they teamed together. He had the matching gear and also the matching green mohawk. After the match Konosuke Takeshita told the audience that Mihara and TORU may become big stars someday.

For the opener a watermelon was placed in a neutral corner of the ring. Antonio Honda and Daisuke Sasaki had to wear bras and blindfolds in order to wrestle. The first person to either split the watermelon or strip off their opponent’s bra would win. Honda wandered out of the ring and into the audience while Sasaki grabbed Daisuke Kiso and took off his shirt, revealing Kiso was wearing a bra too. Honda found Shun Miyatake (Trainee) at ringside and also discovered that he was wearing a bra under his shirt. Both Honda and Sasaki gave up trying to strip each other and instead went searching for the watermelon. Sasaki thought he found it and performed an Elbow Drop, hitting nothing but the canvas. Honda then tripped over Sasaki and landed on the watermelon, smashing it to pieces. Honda celebrated by eating a piece while the rest was cleaned off the ring and thrown into a garbage bag.


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