August 31, 2014


Shinjuku FACE
460 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Cherry defeated Kaho Kobayashi with the Cherryton Bomb (6:35).
2. Shibata defeated SAGAT with a Cross Arm Lock (4:58).
3. Seiya Morohashi, Daichi Kazato & Ryu Gouma defeated Daichi, Goro Jr. & El Hijo del Goro when Kazato pinned Goro Jr. with the Swinging Complete Shot (11:55).
4. Madoka defeated Mitomi Masayuki with the Ranhei (9:19).
5. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Mio Shirai defeated Ladybeard (c) with the Tsuchigumo (4:57).
*Ladybeard fails in V1. Mio Shirai becomes the 4th Union Fly To Everywhere World Champion!
6. UWA World Tag Team Titles: Isami Kodaka & FUMA defeated MEN’S Teioh & Hiroshi Fukuda (c) when FUMA pinned Fukuda with the Sole Butt (14:25).
*World Men’s Club fail in V3. Isami Kodaka & FUMA become the 19th UWA World Tag Team Champions!
7. Union MAX Title: Hikaru Sato (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa ended in a Time Limit Draw (30:00).
*V2 for Hikaru Sato.

Thirty minutes was not enough for Hikaru Sato and Shuji Ishikawa to settle their differences. The main event for the Union MAX Title ended in a time limit draw although Ishikawa hit the Splash Mountain seconds before the time expired. Ishikawa asked for a time extension so a winner could be decided. Naomi Susan explained that as champion it was up to Sato to decide if the match should restart. A draw counts a successful defence but she recommended to Sato that the match should continue. Sato hated the idea and rejected the plea. Ishikawa asked Sato how could he call himself the stronger man but Sato replied that he will have to try another day.

Daichi Kazato interrupted Sato with a Missile Dropkick from out of nowhere. He challenged Sato to a title match. If Ishikawa can’t get another chance then he will get one instead. Ishikawa respected Kazato’s plan but he wasn’t sure if he had what he takes. Ishikawa Headbutted Kazato to test him. Kazato took the hit and passed the test. Ishikawa told Kazato to work hard and he gave him his blessing to get the next title match. Members of the Union Sekigun then lined up and one by one struck Kazato with chops and kicks to transfer their power into him.

Hiroshi Fukuda will be going into All Japan with one less belt in his collection after today. He and MEN’S Teioh lost the UWA World Tag Team Titles to Isami Kodaka & FUMA. The Union team worked very well as a team, FUMA even wore wrestling gear similar to Kodaka’s. FUMA scored the pin with the Sole Butt on Fukuda to win his first ever championship.

Another championship changed hands when Mio Shirai beat Ladybeard to win the Fly To Everywhere Title. Ladybeard fought dirty, pulling Mio’s hair while yelling “This is women’s wrestling!” But Shirai avoided the Nutcracker and pinned the champion with the Tsuchigumo. Shirai said it was the first title she won since she signed her four company contract and then thanked Ladybeard for being a great opponent.

Union’s new masked wrestler is called Daichi. A former DDT wrestler in a previous life, he has come to Union after a long absence in the ring to restart his wrestling career. He had a successful Union debut as part of the winning side of a 6-Man Tag Team Match.


August 31, 2014


Shinjuku FACE
650 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi defeated Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Shunma Katsumata when Takanashi pinned Katsumata with the Takatonic (7:58).
2. MIKAMI & Gorgeous Matsuno defeated Michael Nakazawa & Tomomitsu Matsunaga when Matsuno pinned Nakazawa with a Leg Lock Clutch (10:45).
3. Antonio Honda & Hoshitango defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Honda pinned Hirata with the Diving Fist Drop (11:13).
4. DJ Nira defeated Daisuke Sasaki with a Modified La Magistral Cradle (12:50).
5. Yasu Urano & Akito defeated Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao when Akito pinned Takao with a Sunset Flip (12:19).
6. Kota Ibushi 10th Anniversary Match: Kota Ibushi, HARASHIMA & Konosuke Takeshita defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Shuji Ishikawa & Gota Ihashi when Ibushi pinned Ihashi with a Reverse Spear Drop (16:12).
7. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Tournament – Final: Keisuke Ishii defeated Tetsuya Endo with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (17:57).

The next challenger for the KO-D Openweight Title has been decided. Keisuke Ishii defeated Tetsuya Endo in the final of the Young Wrestler Tournament. Ishii had been saying he was statisticly the favourite to win the tournament and he was proven right. However, Ishii’s stats against the champion HARASHIMA are not so good. He waves this off and says he does not care because he has gained a lot of experience and is now confident he can win the title.

Kota Ibushi dropped Gota Ihashi right on his head for the finish of the semi-main event. The match celebrated Ibushi’s 10 years in wrestling but was constantly delayed due to injuries to Ibushi and original participant Taiji Ishimori. The match finally happened today with HARASHIMA in Ishimori’s place. Tsurumi Amon was worried that Ibushi didn’t like the match but Ibushi said it was fun. The Combat Bike from Sumo Hall was used here, Konosuke Takeshita used it to run over Ihashi outside the ring.

Smile Squash scored an upset victory over Team Dream Futures. Tension is building between the two sides when Akito & Yasu Urano attempted to steal Drift’s KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles after the match. An angry Shigehiro Irie was able to stop them from doing so.

DJ Nira won a match! In a result that came out of nowhere, Nira tricked Daisuke Sasaki into letting go of the Crossface Lock and then pinned him with a modified La Magistral Cradle. Earlier in the match Sasaki had Nira trapped in the Crossface Lock but rather than tapping out, Nira instead Rocket Punched the referee.

In Match #3 Antonio Honda stole Kazuki Hirata’s  Magnum HIRATA mask from him and even danced to “Tokyo Go” before hitting the Diving Fist Drop to win.

Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega Vs Michael Nakazawa & Yoshihiko will take place in Osaka on 13th September as part of Ibushi’s 10th Anniversary celebration.

Shun Miyatake (Trainee) announced that he is scheduled to return from injury in October.


August 31, 2014


110 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Ai Shimizu defeated Erin with the Triebflügel (7:04).
2. 3 Way Match: Chikage Kiba defeated Shoko Nakajima and Akane Miura when Kiba pinned Nakajima with the Oklahoma Roll (4:21).
3. Nonoko & Miyu Yamashita defeated Yuka Sakazaki & KANNA when Nonoko pinned Sakazaki with the Oppai Ye (8:46).

Tokyo Joshi rivals Miyu Yamashita and Nonoko teamed up in the main event. Their opponents Yuka Sakazaki & KANNA wore K Cup sized pads under their shirts to both mock Nonoko’s figure and to improve their odds of winning by making themselves heavier to lift. While it worked to an extent, Yamashita was able to overcome it with her kick offence while Nonoko proved her natural talents were better by flattening Sakazaki with a new move called the Oppai Ye. Nonoko sarcastically called Yamashita her good friend after the match and said they won even though she doesn’t have boobs like hers. After a few more insults, Yamashita had enough and kicked Nonoko. Yamashita then locked eyes with Akane Miura and asked if she had something to say. Miura called her a bully and went over to console Nonoko. She was told by Nonoko that she has potential to grow both her physical ability and breast development, so they decided to form a team together.

Ai Shimizu’s Triebflügel finisher is a Swinging DDT.

Hiroshi Fukuda Rented Out To All Japan

August 28, 2014


Shinjuku FACE

1. Mitomi Masayuki Vs Madoka
2. Shibata Vs SAGAT
3. Maskman X, Goro J.r & X Vs Seiya Morohashi, Daichi Kazato & Ryu Gouma
4. Cherry Vs Kaho Kobayashi
5. UWA World Tag Team Titles: MEN’S Teioh & Hiroshi Fukuda (c) Vs Isami Kodaka & FUMA
6. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Ladybeard (c) Vs Mio Shirai
7. Union MAX Title: Hikaru Sato (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Tomoya Kawamura has suffered a right shoulder injury and will miss this show. SAGAT takes his place as Shibata’s opponent. SAGAT’s replacement in the 6-Man Tag will be decided upon soon.

A press conference was held in All Japan’s Yokohama office today to announce Hiroshi Fukuda will be transferring over to the company next month. Fukuda will spend six months in All Japan, starting on 22nd October up until the end of next year’s Champion Carnival. AJPW president Jun Akiyama said that there is a rise in young wrestlers competing now and he approached DDT president Sanshiro Takagi to rent some of them. After studying the DDT and Union roster, Akiyama picked Fukuda because he wants to see if he can live up to his Mr. Perfect nickname. Akiyama also said there is a chance this could lead to more young DDT and Union talent being rented out to All Japan in the future.

Union boss Naomi Susan admits that Fukuda’s absence will be a big blow to the promotion but the experience he will get during his stay in All Japan will be irreplaceable. Fukuda says that All Japan embodies the sense of traditional and classic American pro wrestling and is treating this move as if he was going on an overseas expedition.

Due to this Fukuda will no longer have any involvement in the DDT Dramatic General Election. Should he somehow get voted into the top 20, his spot on the grand finale will be declined and given to someone else. He will also continue to hold the UWA World Tag Team Titles (with MEN’S Teioh) and Union Non-Certified US Heavyweight Title unless he loses them before he leaves. He hopes to defend them again when he returns to Union.


August 27, 2014


Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
98 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Special Video Director’s Cut Match: Aoi Ishibashi defeated Shibata with a Bridging School Boy (Special Referee/Director: Manami Koda) (7:36).
2. Special Tag Match: Shinichiro Tominaga & Osamu Namiguchi defeated Fumihito Kihara & J-Soul Pandita III IV when Tominaga pinned Pandita with the Moonsault (12:12).
3. Revenge Match!!: Mitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura defeated Yumehito Imanari & Chikara when Masayuki pinned Imanari with the SENNIN-GIRI (9:14).
4. Special Single Match: GENTARO defeated Backstage Thief Man with the Inoki Arm Lock And Stop Shoplifting Finger Lock (8:32).
5. Yuji Kito & Yoshihiro Horaguchi defeated Ken Ohka & Tiger Bed Scene when Kito pinned Scene with a Small Package (11:42).

Wrestling New Classic pair Yuji Kito & Yoshihiro Horaguchi threw out the challenge to Ganbare☆Wrestling for a match. Ken Ohka & Tiger Bed Scene answered the call but they were in for a fight. Kito & Horaguchi attacked the Ganpuro team as they were making their entrance. The home team could just never get the better of their opponents and were defeated. After the match Ohka said he worked hard and he’ll never become good if he doesn’t work hard. He doesn’t feel bad about losing and promised the fans he will do his best.

GENTARO defeated the masked Backstage Thief Man, who everyone thought was Atsushi Maruyama in another one of his disguises. GENTARO unmasked the thief after the match and to everyone’s surprise, it was actually Survival Tobita! He explained that there was so much talent coming into Ganpuro that he was no longer being booked there. He was inspired by Maruyama’s schemes to do the same so he came up with Backstage Thief Man. Now that he is caught, he just wants to be left alone.

Power Of Dreams got their rematch against the Union Sekigun and it was even more heated than the last time. Mitomi Masayuki & Tomoya Kawamura used a chair to their advantage to win but the fighting continued after the bell. The Union team eventually retreated and Ohka announced that Chikara will face Masayuki in Chofu on 28th September.

When the show was over several of the Ganpuro wrestlers took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge outside the venue.

Matches For The Next Few Weeks

August 26, 2014

Shinjuku FACE

1. MIKAMI & Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Michael Nakazawa & Tomomitsu Matsunaga
2. Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Antonio Honda & Hoshitango
3. Daisuke Sasaki Vs DJ Nira
4. Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Shunma Katsumata Vs KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi
5. Yasu Urano & Akito Vs Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao
6. Kota Ibushi 10th Anniversary Match: Kota Ibushi, HARASHIMA & Konosuke Takeshita Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Shuji Ishikawa & Gota Ihashi
7. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Tournament – Final: Keisuke Ishii Vs Tetsuya Endo

Kota Ibushi finally gets to celebrate his 10 years in the business. With Taiji Ishimori injured, HARASHIMA takes his place in the match.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Mitomi Masayuki Vs Madoka
2. Shibata Vs Tomoya Kawamura
3. Maskman X, Goro J.r & SAGAT Vs Seiya Morohashi, Daichi Kazato & Ryu Gouma
4. Cherry Vs Kaho Kobayashi
5. UWA World Tag Team Titles: MEN’S Teioh & Hiroshi Fukuda (c) Vs Isami Kodaka & FUMA
6. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Ladybeard (c) Vs Mio Shirai
7. Union MAX Title: Hikaru Sato (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Hikaru Sato is not particularly worried about his upcoming Union MAX Title defence against Shuji Ishikawa. In fact, he even forgot it is going to happen! Regardless he is confident he has the skills to beat Ishikawa. He also looks down on Ishikawa for wasting his time wrestling in beaches when he should be training for the title match.

Maskman X is the temporary name I am using for Union’s new masked wrestler. His official name will be revealed at some point before the show.

DDT “OSAKA BAY BLUES SPECIAL 2014”, 13/09/2014
Osaka Bodymaker Colosseum #2

1. DDT Extreme Title: Danshoku Dino (c) Vs Zeus

Former Osaka Pro wrestler Zeus enters DDT to challenge for the DDT Extreme Title. The champion Danshoku Dino must be thrilled. Not being sarcastic.

Tokorozawa Civic Gymnasium Sub-Arena

1. Kenny Omega Vs Hiroshi Fukuda
2. Makoto Oishi Vs Soma Takao
3. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie Vs KUDO & Yukio Sakaguchi

Will Keisuke Ishii be KO-D Openweight Champion by the time this show takes place?

Shinjuku FACE

1. Glistening Mixed Match: Yumi Ohka & Mitomi Masayuki Vs Hamuko Hoshi & Hiroshi Fukuda
2. Heavy Match: Shuji Ishikawa & SAGAT Vs Dynamite Kasai & Aja Kong
3. Barbed Wire Board Death Match: Mio Shirai, Maki Narumiya & Isami Kodaka Vs Mayumi Ozaki, Shu Shibuya & X

Not only is the main event death match going to involved Barbed Wire Boards but every wrestler involved in the match will bring their own personal weapon with them too. I know Mio Shirai has been using a Signal Wand in her Pro Wrestling WAVE matches lately but that seems a bit tame for a match like this.


August 24, 2014


Saitama Kasukabe Hall
350 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi defeated Michael Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Gota Ihashi when KUDO pinned Ihashi with the Diving Double Knee Drop (10:12).
2. 3 Way Match: Antonio Honda defeated Daisuke Sasaki and MIKAMI when Honda pinned Sasaki with a German Suplex (7:57).
3. HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano defeated Toru Owashi & DJ Nira when HARASHIMA pinned Nira with a Cradle (8:00).
4. Infomercial Match: Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Ito Maki defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Kazuki Hirata & Saki Akai when Maki pinned Hirata with the Idol Clutch (10:24).
5. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Tournament – Semi Final: Keisuke Ishii defeated Akito with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (13:17).
6. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Tournament – Semi Final: Tetsuya Endo defeated Konosuke Takeshita with the Sky Twister Press (15:41).
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega (c) defeated Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao when Ibushi pinned Takao after the PK Mind (16:53).
*V6 for the Golden Lovers.

With Sumo Hall out of the way and Super Saitama Arena far off in the horizon it is back to business as usual for DDT. Fresh off of winning the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles, today Team Dream Futures went after the KO-D Tag Team Titles. But the Golden Lovers were not going to let go of their belts so easily. Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega secured another successful defence of the title when they pinned Soma Takao with the PK Mind. They now want to have their next defence at Korakuen Hall. In a backstage interview Kenny said the Golden Lovers are an S-Rank tag team. He his happy to be with Ibushi not just for the fans but for their friendship too. He even said if he was gay he would want to marry Ibushi. He asked Kota if he felt the same and Kota answered “Of course!”

The other highlights of the day centred around the KO-D Openweight Title No. 1 Contender tournament. Keisuke Ishii defeated Akito and Tetsuya Endo defeated Konosuke Takeshita to advance to the finals. The latter result is a surprise and shows that Endo is not to be overlooked when it comes to discussing about DDT’s future prospects. Ishii bragged about the statistics being in his favour for the final since nobody in this tournament has ever beaten him in a singles match. Endo told him he has the momentum and he will become KO-D Champion.

Retired All Japan whipping boy Nobutaka Araya was in attendance and even got involved in the Smile Squash Vs Toru Owashi & DJ Nira match. Nira gave him the Rocket Punch and HARASHIMA capitalised on the distraction to roll up Nira for the win. I’m not sure if they played Araya’s sad song for him after the match.

Up Up Girls singer Ito Maki wrestled in the Infomercial Match. Makoto Oishi was happy to team with her but their opponent Sanshiro Takagi claimed Saki Akai is the cuter idol. Maki had the last laugh when she spat Poison Mist into Kazuki Hirata’s face and, after Oishi’s Miracle Ecstasy, pinned him with the Idol Clutch.

Antonio Honda and Daisuke Sasaki both wrestled in bras during their 3-Way match with MIKAMI.

Zeus will come in to challenge Danshoku Dino for the DDT Extreme Title in Osaka on 13th September.