Saitama Kasukabe Hall
350 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi defeated Michael Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Gota Ihashi when KUDO pinned Ihashi with the Diving Double Knee Drop (10:12).
2. 3 Way Match: Antonio Honda defeated Daisuke Sasaki and MIKAMI when Honda pinned Sasaki with a German Suplex (7:57).
3. HARASHIMA & Yasu Urano defeated Toru Owashi & DJ Nira when HARASHIMA pinned Nira with a Cradle (8:00).
4. Infomercial Match: Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Ito Maki defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Kazuki Hirata & Saki Akai when Maki pinned Hirata with the Idol Clutch (10:24).
5. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Tournament – Semi Final: Keisuke Ishii defeated Akito with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (13:17).
6. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Tournament – Semi Final: Tetsuya Endo defeated Konosuke Takeshita with the Sky Twister Press (15:41).
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega (c) defeated Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao when Ibushi pinned Takao after the PK Mind (16:53).
*V6 for the Golden Lovers.

With Sumo Hall out of the way and Super Saitama Arena far off in the horizon it is back to business as usual for DDT. Fresh off of winning the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles, today Team Dream Futures went after the KO-D Tag Team Titles. But the Golden Lovers were not going to let go of their belts so easily. Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega secured another successful defence of the title when they pinned Soma Takao with the PK Mind. They now want to have their next defence at Korakuen Hall. In a backstage interview Kenny said the Golden Lovers are an S-Rank tag team. He his happy to be with Ibushi not just for the fans but for their friendship too. He even said if he was gay he would want to marry Ibushi. He asked Kota if he felt the same and Kota answered “Of course!”

The other highlights of the day centred around the KO-D Openweight Title No. 1 Contender tournament. Keisuke Ishii defeated Akito and Tetsuya Endo defeated Konosuke Takeshita to advance to the finals. The latter result is a surprise and shows that Endo is not to be overlooked when it comes to discussing about DDT’s future prospects. Ishii bragged about the statistics being in his favour for the final since nobody in this tournament has ever beaten him in a singles match. Endo told him he has the momentum and he will become KO-D Champion.

Retired All Japan whipping boy Nobutaka Araya was in attendance and even got involved in the Smile Squash Vs Toru Owashi & DJ Nira match. Nira gave him the Rocket Punch and HARASHIMA capitalised on the distraction to roll up Nira for the win. I’m not sure if they played Araya’s sad song for him after the match.

Up Up Girls singer Ito Maki wrestled in the Infomercial Match. Makoto Oishi was happy to team with her but their opponent Sanshiro Takagi claimed Saki Akai is the cuter idol. Maki had the last laugh when she spat Poison Mist into Kazuki Hirata’s face and, after Oishi’s Miracle Ecstasy, pinned him with the Idol Clutch.

Antonio Honda and Daisuke Sasaki both wrestled in bras during their 3-Way match with MIKAMI.

Zeus will come in to challenge Danshoku Dino for the DDT Extreme Title in Osaka on 13th September.


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