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460 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Cherry defeated Kaho Kobayashi with the Cherryton Bomb (6:35).
2. Shibata defeated SAGAT with a Cross Arm Lock (4:58).
3. Seiya Morohashi, Daichi Kazato & Ryu Gouma defeated Daichi, Goro Jr. & El Hijo del Goro when Kazato pinned Goro Jr. with the Swinging Complete Shot (11:55).
4. Madoka defeated Mitomi Masayuki with the Ranhei (9:19).
5. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Mio Shirai defeated Ladybeard (c) with the Tsuchigumo (4:57).
*Ladybeard fails in V1. Mio Shirai becomes the 4th Union Fly To Everywhere World Champion!
6. UWA World Tag Team Titles: Isami Kodaka & FUMA defeated MEN’S Teioh & Hiroshi Fukuda (c) when FUMA pinned Fukuda with the Sole Butt (14:25).
*World Men’s Club fail in V3. Isami Kodaka & FUMA become the 19th UWA World Tag Team Champions!
7. Union MAX Title: Hikaru Sato (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa ended in a Time Limit Draw (30:00).
*V2 for Hikaru Sato.

Thirty minutes was not enough for Hikaru Sato and Shuji Ishikawa to settle their differences. The main event for the Union MAX Title ended in a time limit draw although Ishikawa hit the Splash Mountain seconds before the time expired. Ishikawa asked for a time extension so a winner could be decided. Naomi Susan explained that as champion it was up to Sato to decide if the match should restart. A draw counts a successful defence but she recommended to Sato that the match should continue. Sato hated the idea and rejected the plea. Ishikawa asked Sato how could he call himself the stronger man but Sato replied that he will have to try another day.

Daichi Kazato interrupted Sato with a Missile Dropkick from out of nowhere. He challenged Sato to a title match. If Ishikawa can’t get another chance then he will get one instead. Ishikawa respected Kazato’s plan but he wasn’t sure if he had what he takes. Ishikawa Headbutted Kazato to test him. Kazato took the hit and passed the test. Ishikawa told Kazato to work hard and he gave him his blessing to get the next title match. Members of the Union Sekigun then lined up and one by one struck Kazato with chops and kicks to transfer their power into him.

Hiroshi Fukuda will be going into All Japan with one less belt in his collection after today. He and MEN’S Teioh lost the UWA World Tag Team Titles to Isami Kodaka & FUMA. The Union team worked very well as a team, FUMA even wore wrestling gear similar to Kodaka’s. FUMA scored the pin with the Sole Butt on Fukuda to win his first ever championship.

Another championship changed hands when Mio Shirai beat Ladybeard to win the Fly To Everywhere Title. Ladybeard fought dirty, pulling Mio’s hair while yelling “This is women’s wrestling!” But Shirai avoided the Nutcracker and pinned the champion with the Tsuchigumo. Shirai said it was the first title she won since she signed her four company contract and then thanked Ladybeard for being a great opponent.

Union’s new masked wrestler is called Daichi. A former DDT wrestler in a previous life, he has come to Union after a long absence in the ring to restart his wrestling career. He had a successful Union debut as part of the winning side of a 6-Man Tag Team Match.


2 Responses to UNION “UNION SUMMER FESTIVAL 2014” Results

  1. Mario says:

    Where can I watch Union, because the main event between my favorite puro wrestlers sounds batshit awesome.

    • JamieOD says:

      Footage of Union matches appear on Samurai TV’s Occupation of the Indies show. But with the exception of their Korakuen shows they are all highlights only.

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