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1. Close 3 Way Match: Mio Shirai defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto and Misaki Ohata when Shirai pinned both Fujimoto and Ohata with a Double Cradle (6:31).
2. Cat Vs Scallops: Neko Nitta defeated Mika Iida with the Ne Kohisutoraru (10:57).
3. Glistening Mixed Match: Hamuko Hoshi & Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Yumi Ohka & Mitomi Masayuki when Fukuda pinned Masayuki with a School Boy (13:14).
4. Heavy Match: Dynamite Kasai & Aja Kong defeated Shuji Ishikawa & SAGAT when Kong pinned SAGAT with the Backfist (12:37).
5. Barbed Wire Board Death Match: Mayumi Ozaki, Shu Shibutani & Yuko Miyamoto defeated Mio Shirai, Maki Narumiya & Isami Kodaka when Ozaki pinned Shirai with the Diving Rolling Senton through lighttubes (23:35).

Today was all about Mio Shirai. The new Fly To Everywhere Champion brought together the four companies she is under contract with to joint host an event highlighted by a mixed gender Barbed Wire Board Death Match. Shirai teamed with Isami Kodaka and Maki Narumiya to face Yuko Miyamoto, Mayumi Ozaki and Shu Shibutani in a match that featured light tubes, a football, a guide light, a paddle, a chain, and a whip as well as the aforementioned barbed wire boards. Shirai’s face wound up becoming a crimson mask but Narumiya probably took the worst bump, Miyamoto gave her the Fire Thunder Driver through a table. Despite the violence, Shirai and Ozaki joked with each other after the match. Shirai thanked each of the wrestlers and said she wanted to show everywone how awesome Union, Oz Academy, WAVE and Ice Ribbon all are.

Hiroshi Fukuda complained about having to team with Hamuko Hoshi instead of Yumi Ohka before their tag team match. When Ohka rejected his advances after the match and kicked him away, he called her an old hag and ran off.

Shirai wrestled twice on the show, competing in the opening match as well as the main event. The opener was a 3 Way match between Shirai and her two WAVE partners, Tsukasa Fujimoto and Misaki Ohata. The bout could be won by either pinfall, submission or throwing an opponent over the top rope and out of the ring. In WAVE the three women often use a football, a guide light and a pole as foreign objects. So it was no surpise that they used the weapons on each other. Shirai snuck away with the win when she cut into a series of nearfalls between the other two and pinned them at the same time.


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