DDT Dramatic Election 2014 Results


DDT Dramatic Election 2014 Final Standings

1. Kota Ibushi (693 votes)
2. Isami Kodaka (689 votes)
3. HARASHIMA (416 votes)
4. Keisuke Ishii (410 votes)
5. Danshoku Dino (366 votes)
6. Saki Akai (303 votes)
7. Cherry (237 votes)
8. Soma Takao (219 votes)
9. Akito (210 votes)
10. KUDO (209 votes)
11. Kazuki Hirata (207 votes)
– Yasu Urano (207 votes)
13. Antonio Honda (203 votes)
14. Konosuke Takeshita (177 votes)
15. Masa Takanashi (176 votes)
16. Makoto Oishi (174 votes)
17. Yukio Sakaguchi (168 votes)
18. Kenny Omega (158 votes)
– Super Sasadango Machine (158 votes)
20. Tetsuya Endo (150 votes)

21. MIKAMI (144 votes)
22. Daisuke Sasaki (140 votes)
23. Shigehiro Irie (137 votes)
24. Shunma Katsumata (135 votes)

Total Votes Cast: 7,038 votes

The grand prize for Kota Ibushi is 1,000,000 yen and a KO-D Openweight Title shot at Saitama Super Arena on 15th February 2015. The runner up prize for Isami Kodaka is 300,000 yen and a KO-D Title shot on the 26th October Korakuen Hall show. The top 20 wrestlers will make up the main card for that show. The wrestlers ranked from 21st to 24th will participate in the dark match at Korakuen.

Unit Election Final Standings

1. Smile Squash (1,098 votes)
2. Shuten-dōji (1,089 votes)
3. Team Drift (1,086 votes)
4. Golden☆Storm Riders (777 votes)
5. Happy Motel (758 votes)
6. Otoko-Kata-Shinki (602 votes)
7. T2Hide (522 votes)
8. Nira Federation (387 votes)
9. Moratorium’s (252 votes)
10. Goja★Mika (125 votes)
11. Pigging (108 votes)

The prize given to Smile Squash for winning the Unit Election is promotional rights to produce a Korakuen Hall show on 12th November.

As punishment for finishing dead last, Pigging must now disband.


The results of this year’s DDT Dramatic General Election was announced to a full Shinjuku FACE crowd of 520 fans. Samurai! TV cameras followed the briefcase as it made its journey towards Shinjuku. Smile Squash won the Unit Election, narrowly beating Shuten-dōji by 9 votes. Team Drift weren’t that far behind either. Nira Federation, the one man unit led by DJ Nira somehow got more votes than Nira did in the singles portion of the election.

Kota Ibushi wins the DDT Election for the second time and he is now guaranteed a KO-D Title shot at Saitama Super Arena next year. Ibushi felt happy that the fans are not sick of seeing him because of his dual contract with DDT and New Japan. When asked what he will do with the cash prize, Ibushi simply said “Yamanote Line Wrestling”. He wants to travel through an entire loop of the Yamanote Line and wrestle somebody at every stop. Sanshiro Takagi said afterwards he’ll talk to Japan Railway about it.

Isami Kodaka finished in 2nd place, losing out to Ibushi by just 4 votes! It was the closest result ever for the contest and a much needed one since most of them have been won by landslides. Despite that, Kodaka still gets a KO-D Title shot later this month and some cash as a reward. HARASHIMA finished 3rd and said he’s looking forward to the Kodaka match. Kodaka said the same but promises he will crush HARASHIMA.

Yukio Sakaguchi now wants to finish his career wrestling for DDT so he will now be affiliated with the company.


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