Kenny Omega To Leave DDT, Joins New Japan


An emergency press conference was held by DDT today to announce Kenny Omega will finish working for the company in October and will be permanently transferring over to New Japan. Due to changing circumstances DDT is now signing its roster to 6 month contracts instead of year long contracts. During negotiations Omega said he wanted to work for New Japan and was determined to move. NJPW president Naoki Sugabayashi said he was surprised when he heard about Omega’s proposal but immediately started discussions with other New Japan staff to sign him. A deal was struck between DDT and New Japan to let Kenny finish up his remaining dates with DDT.

Kenny said he has often wrestled in New Japan, usually in the Best Of The Super Juniors tournament, but always felt like he was just a guest. He thinks New Japan has the best wrestlers in the world and he wants to prove he is the best Junior Heavyweight. Leaving DDT will be painful and he will feel lonely without them but he is at his physical peak. He will be disappointed if he could never reach his limit at 100%. Kenny confirmed he is not signing a dual contract like Kota Ibushi (who has signed a new one year contract with NJPW). He needs to put all of his focus on New Japan if he wants to be successful.

DDT president Sanshiro Takagi told the press he respects the will of his wrestlers as to why he is allowing Kenny to transfer between companies. Ibushi did not want to leave DDT entirely for New Japan so a deal was made for him to sign two contracts with the goal of boosting both companies. Because Kenny had so much desire to wrestle for New Japan, Takagi would not stop him from leaving.

When asked about whether or not Omega will continue the Golden Lovers team with Ibushi, Omega said they now wrestle in different divisions. Omega is sticking with Jr. Heavyweight while Ibushi has recently become a heavyweight. Omega says he has no choice but to find a new partner if he was to focus on tag team wrestling. He does wonder if he and Ibushi will eventually team together again in New Japan though. He was asked if there was a unit he wants to join. Kenny said he considered joining Bullet Club but they don’t suit him. For now his goal is to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title as soon as possible.

Kenny’s last words for his fans is they should continue supporting DDT. To the fans of New Japan, he wants to show them more of his style of wrestling. He also wants to make new fans out of people who have never seen him before. Omega’s match for DDT will be at the 26th October Korakuen Hall show. It will be himself and Ibushi against Danshoku Dino and Konosuke Takeshita in a Falls Count Anywhere match. There is no date set yet for his first New Japan match.


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