Yokohama Radiant Hall
206 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Akane Miura defeated Erin with the Bankyuppan (3:59).
2. Chikage Kiba defeated Yuka Sakazaki with a School Boy (5:58).
3. Nonoko defeated Ai Shimizu with the Oppai Ye (7:14).
4. Saki Akai defeated Shoko Nakajima with the Face Kick (6:30).
5. Miyu Yamashita defeated KANNA with the Crash Rabbit Heat (6:17).

In a rematch from the very first Tokyo Joshi Pro main event, Miyu Yamashita once again defeated KANNA. While Yamashita did her victory dance, KANNA was reduced to tears from losing to her again. Yamashita thanked KANNA and encouraged her to work hard so they can both be loved by the fans and make Tokyo Joshi a bigger place. Nonoko interrupted Yamashita’s promo and took exception to Yamashita calling herself the ace of Tokyo Joshi. Nonoko said she is the ace and she won the Tokyo Princess Cup to prove it. She brought in Akane Miura, said their team has now officially begun and their name is Bust Deluxe. Miura then challenged Yamashita to a match, calling her a stepping stone in the process. Yamashita did not give an immediate answer. Instead Erin came to her aid and said they will fight Bust Deluxe together. The tag match was made for 22nd November.

To say Shoko Nakajima had a size disadvantage against Saki Akai would be an understatement. Akai towered over Nakajima and even played with her by raising her hand to high for Nakajima to reach during the opening lock up. Even though at times Akai acted like the gritty veteren putting a rookie in her place, she hugged Nakajima after the match and praised her for a good performance.

Yuka Sakazaki wrestled in a Halloween costume and had a pumpkin bag filled with candy with her. She threw the candy at Chikage Kiba after she lost to her, then neatly picked up the candy and put it back in her bag.

Akane Miura’s Canadian Backbreaker finisher is now called the Bakyuppan.


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