Yokohama Radiant Hall
217 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Ladybeard defeated Ryu Gouma with the Women’s Liberation (2:34).
2. Seiya Morohashi & Gabaiji-chan defeated Cherry & Meari Naito when Gabaiji-chan pinned Cherry with the Gabai Bomb (10:09).
3. Kazushi Miyamoto defeated Tomoya Kawamura with a Lariat (4:08).
4. Goro Jr. defeated Mitomi Masayuki with a British Submission (16:01).
5. Shuji Ishikawa defeated Mio Shirai with the Splash Mountain (6:46).
6. MEN’S Teioh & Madoka (w/ Hiroshi Fukuda) defeated Daichi Kazato & SAGAT when Madoka pinned SAGAT with the Ranhei (11:57).
7. UWA World Tag Team Titles: Isami Kodaka & FUMA (c) defeated Hikaru Sato & Shibata when FUMA pinned Sato with an Armbar Cutback (18:26).
*V2 for Isami Kodaka & FUMA.

The UWA World Tag Team Champions successfully defended their title with a surprising finish when FUMA pinned the Union MAX Champion, Hikaru Sato. Sato’s partner Shibata fought with his GoPro camera strapped to him as always but this time he used it as a weapon. It eventually backfired when he swung it at FUMA but wound up hitting Sato instead. Sato almost stole the win when he was given a German Suplex by FUMA but recovered quick enough to lock on an Armbar. But FUMA rolled on top of Sato and pinned him while still in the submission hold. Sato attacked FUMA after the bell but he was chased away by Daichi Kazato and SAGAT. FUMA told Sato that he was a champion and his title is not an amateur belt. He then threw out a challenge for the Union MAX Title. Naomi Susan confirmed the match will happen on 17th December. FUMA then said he hopes Union will begin its tenth year with him as the champion.

Hiroshi Fukuda gave a lot of praise to MEN’S Teioh & Madoka for their victory over Daichi Kazato & SAGAT. Fukuda said their combination of technique and speed made them the best tag team around and they should reform the Men’s Club. Madoka rejected the idea and wanted to talk to Naomi Susan. Madoka was upset at Union because they no longer do any Aipoke Presents matches! The only reason he is in Union is so he can wrestle for the Idea Pocket idols that used to appear on the show. According to him, the Aipoke matches were the pinnacle of Union. Susan said it is impossible to bring it back because their relationship with the company ended months ago. Madoka stormed off and said he will bring Idea Pocket back himself if he has to!

Kazushi Miyamoto recently announced he will retire at the end of the year. But he still had time to wrestle in Union before he left. He had plenty of advice to give Tomoya Kawamura after their match. He said Tomoya should eat plenty of rice and gain plenty of protein every day. He then bonded with Seiya Morohashi over their bodies and they decided to team up. They already have a team name. They are called Kazushi’s GYM Bodybuilding Circle.

A minute of silence was given at the beginning of the show for Koichiro Kimura.

Ladybeard’s new finisher called the Women’s Liberation is a Spin Kick.


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