West Chofu Martial Arts Arena
110 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Origin Regression ~The Student Wrestler~: Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Tiger Bed Scene with a Face Lock (6:58).
2. URRC Round 2 – Mixed Match Super Fight: Yuji Kito defeated Manami Koda with the Clothesline From Kudzu (9:18).
3. Special Super Mixed Match: Madoka & Aoi Ishibashi defeated Yoshihiro Horaguchi & Koharu Hinata when Madoka pinned Horaguchi with the Ranhyei (10:14).
4. WRESTLE-a-nation ~Hong Kong International Police Man Comeback~: Choun-Shiryu defeated Hong Kong International Police Man and Chikara when Police Man gave up after the Chinese Gory Bomb (10:14).
5. On The Other Side Of The Mind EPISODE 1 ~Yukihiro I~: Yukihiro Abe defeated Yumehito Imanari with the AOISHODO (10:41).
6. GanPro Revolution??: Shota & Mitomi Masayuki defeated Ken Ohka & Osamu Namiguchi when Shota pinned Namiguchi with the Frog Splash (14:27).

It has always been an uphill battle for Ken Ohka. From his days as the Eternal Young Lion to the hero of Ganbare☆Wrestling, there is always a tough challenge in his path. Right now Ohka is getting into a violent feud with his former friend Shota who sided with another enemy Mitomi Masayuki. Ohka’s latest plan of teaming with his arch rival Osamu Namiguchi failed. It almost worked, Namiguchi had Shota pinned with a Fisherman Suplex but Masayuki pulled the referee out of the ring. Shota recovered and hit a Frog Splash for the unexpected victory. Ohka was left in a bloody mess but challenged Shota & Masayuki to another match on 28th December, this time with Yumehito Imanari as his partner.

GENTARO was pretty enthusiastic to see Imanari take on Yukihiro Abe. It was Abe’s first match in four years and he earned the victory. GENTARO challenged Abe to a match and it was accepted for 28/12.

The returning Hong Kong International Police Man wrestled with a neck brace during the 3 Way Match. His neck injury was so bad that he submitted during a pinfall after Choun-Shiryu gave him the Chinese Gory Bomb. As a result, Shiryu got to unmask Police Man. To the surprise of no one, it was Atsushi Maruyama. Actually that’s a lie, Shiryu was actually stunned when he found out who it was. He never expected it to be Maruyama because he knew Maruyama was out of action with a neck injury. Police Man denied he was Maruyama and demanded proof. He then said he will leave and never return.

When Manami Koda lost her URRC match again, Imanari had some ideas to help her improve. He gave her a pair of black rimmed glasses and said she looks like the singer Angela Aki. He told her to wear the glasses for her next match and that her new idol name is Angela Ami.


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