DDT “DNA 1” Results


DDT “DNA 1”, 28/11/2014
Kitazawa Town Hall
294 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Shun Miyatake defeated Koju Iwasaki with the Heart Attack (8:23).
2. Shunma Katsumata defeated Dai Suzuki with the Swan Dive X Factor (7:51).
3. Kazusada Higuchi defeated Kota Umeda with a Canadian Backbreaker (11:14).
4. Ryota Nakatsu defeated Tomoya Kawamura with a Reverse Cross Armbreaker (11:29).
5. Kazusada Higuchi & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Shun Miyatake & Shunma Katsumata when Hisguchi pinned Katsumata with the Canadian Nodowa Otoshi (17:35).

DDT New Attitude, or DNA for short, is DDT’s new project based around its rookies and dojo students. Many of them were making their official debut on this show. The winners of the four matches qualified for the tag team main event.

First match was Shun Miyatake Vs Koju Iwasaki. Miyatake has been appearing on DDT’s main shows for the past couple of months trying to prove he is ready to graduate but Amon Tsurumi would constantly turn him down. An injury put a stop to that and this was finally his chance. Miyatake was able to win with a Spear which he calls the Heart Attack.

Next up was Shunma Katsumata Vs Dai Suzuki. Katsumata has been wrestling on the main shows since April. Suzuki was appreciative of the support from the crowd despite losing the match. He said he felt the warmth of the fans when he entered the ring and it gave him encouragement.

Match #3 was sumo wrestler vs kickboxer as Kazusada Higuchi faced Kota Umeda. In this case sumo came out the winner when Higuchi submitted Umeda with the Canadian Backbreaker. Umeda refused to shake hands with Higuchi after the match and kicked his arm away.

The last of the singles matches saw Ryota Nakatsu defeat Union rookie Tomoya Kawamura. The underground martial artist countered Kawamura’s Moonsault into a Cross Armbreaker to achieve victory. Kawamura was pretty embarrassed to lose to a debuting wrestler.

The main event paired off the two senior rookies against the two debuting rookies. Miyatake & Katsumata took on Higuchi & Nakatsu. Katsumata attempted the Swan Dive X Factor but Higuchi caught him in mid-air and gave him the Oklahoma Stampede. He lifted him up for the Canadian Backbreaker but then changed it into the Nodowa Otoshi Choke Slam for the three count.

When the matches were over, Amon Tsurumi gave a speech. He said the only way to determine if the event was a success is if the crowd in attendance enjoyed it. The audience gave a big applause in response. Tsurumi commiserated Kawamura and wished him luck that he wouldn’t rot because of it. He then admitted to Miyatake that he got to debut 100 million years earlier than he expected and he congratulated him. Higuchi had the final words, saying when he retired from sumo wrestling he felt like he had given up his dream. But DDT gave him an opportunity and he appreciates it. Together everybody in DNA will do their best.

The next scheduled DNA shows are 9th January in Shinjuku and 5th February in Kitazawa. In Shinjuku, Miyatake will take on Jun Kasai!


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