138 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. URRC Round 3 ~THE BEST OF ANGELA AMI~: Angela Mako Vs Miyako Matsumoto ended in a No Contest when Yumehito Imanari stormed the ring (7:16).
2. Special Gilgamesh Timeslip Match ~Ganbare☆Wrestling Bubble To GO!!~: Madoka defeated Tiger Bed Scene (w/ Mai Chusonji & Kaori Masukoji) with the Ranhyei (8:25).
3. EPISODE 2 Man Of War INTROJECTION: GENTARO defeated Yukihiro Abe with a Back Drop (10:45).
4. Forbidden Encounter – Karate Vs Karate Chop: Osamu Namiguchi & Chikara defeated Kazuhiko Ogasawara & Shinichiro Tominaga wjem Namiguchi pinned Tominaga with the Lanakila-X (7:34).
5. Special Tag Match: Shota & Tomoya Kawamura defeated Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari when Kawamura pinned Imanari with a Moonsault (14:59).

The last Ganbare☆Wrestling show of the year continued the Ganpuro Vs Union Pro rivalry in the main event. Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari stood their ground against the invaders Shota & Tomoya Kawamura. All four brawled around ringside before settling inside the ring. Imanari took a beating but kept himself fired up by yelling “I do not lose!” Unfotunately for him Kawamura put him away with a Moonsault.

Chikara and Kazuhiko Ogasawara brawled with each other after the semi-main event. They had to be pulled apart.

Yukihiro Abe was left frustrated with his loss to GENTARO. After the match GENTARO tried to give him encouragement but Abe left the ring in silence. However Abe would return at the end of the show inspired by Ohka & Imanari’s performance in the main event. He and Ohka challenged Shota & Tomoya Kawamura to a match on 8th February.

After beating Tiger Bed Scene in a match, Madoka took his escort girls. Mai Chusonji & Kaori Masukoji were happy to be at the winner’s side.

Angela Ami was taken out of the show when she was diagnosed with acute bronchitis earlier today. She was replaced by REINA wrestler Makoto. Yumehito Imanari still wanted to use the Angela Aki gimmick so he turned Makoto into Angela Mako. She and Miyako Matsumoto both wrestled in Angela Aki style glasses but they kept on getting knocked or thrown off during the match. Imanari got angry at the disrespect the women showed towards the glasses and attacked both of them, forcing the match to end without a winner. Both Makoto and Matsumoto kicked Imanari in the face and left the ring. When Imanari recovered he announced that Angela Ami will go back to being Manami Koda and will face Kana on 8th February.

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