???????????????????????????????DDT “ROAD TO SAITAMA SUPER ARENA 9”, 18/01/2015
Saitama Industrial Technology Centre
295 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. 3 Way Match: Yukio Sakaguchi defeated MIKAMI & Shunma Katsumata when Sakaguchi pinned Katsumata with the Skewered Knee Kick (5:33).
2. Toru Owashi & Tomomitsu Matsunaga defeated Saki Akai & Gota Ihashi when Owashi pinned Ihashi after a High Kick from Akai (9:08).
3. Shigehiro Irie defeated DJ Nira after a Super Kick from Amon Tsurumi (6:20).
4. Konosuke Takeshita defeated Kazuki Hirata with the German Suplex (11:25).
5. Infomercial Match: Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi defeated Antonio Honda & Tetsuya Endo when Oishi pinned Honda after the Cactus Flower (8:33).
6. KUDO & Masa Takanashi defeated Keisuke Ishii & Soma Takao when KUDO pinned Takao with the Diving Double Knee Drop (11:50).
7. HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano & Akito defeated Kota Ibushi, Daisuke Sasaki & Suguru Miyatake when HARASHIMA pinned Miyatake with the Somato (16:15).

Sanshiro Takagi was taken off the show due to a high fever, causing a minor reshuffle of the card.

With one month to go until “SAITAMA SUPER DDT 2015”, the skirmishes between HARASHIMA and Kota Ibushi continue. HARASHIMA again got one up on his rival, scoring another tag team victory in the main event. HARASHIMA told Ibushi afterwards that their matches so far have been great fun. He offered a handshake but Ibushi instead held up his hand in a scissors pose. This riled up HARASHIMA and he has rarely shown an angry side during his KO-D Title run. Yasu Urano calmed him down and HARASHIMA was back to his pleasant self for the end of show promo.


The Pu Joshi Hyakkei Infomercial Match featured Makoto Oishi, Shiori Asahi, Antonio Honda and Tetsuya Endo all wrestling in schoolgirl outfits. An illustration of a wrestling move taken from the book would appear on the screen and it was up to the wrestlers to perform the move. Some of the moves shown were the Giant Swing, Boma Ye, Axe Bomber and Guillotine Drop. The final move was the Cactus Flower, Oishi & Asahi’s tag team finisher. It took a bit of effort to do the move on Honda due to his weight but they eventually pulled it off.

Konosuke Takeshita asked Kazuki Hirata to wrestle him without the Magnum TOKYO mask because he wanted to fight the Hirata he trained with. Hirata took the request to heart and resisted the urge to call for his music during the match. But late into the match the temptation proved to be too strong and Kazuki called for his song. Another song played over the sound system and Hirata was confused. Takeshita took advantage and used the German Suplex to win the match. Hirata got to hear his song afterwards.

Gota Ihashi offered to protect Saki Akai on her journey to beat Aja Kong for the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. But he was just doing it for romantic reasons and stopped their tag match so he could ask for a kiss. Akai knocked him out with a High Kick.

Amon Tsurumi revealed his plans to create the King Of Dark Championship, a revolutionary new title to be used exclusively in dark matches. He wanted to give Ihashi and DJ Nira the opportunity to be the first champion at “SAITAMA SUPER DDT 2015”. Ihashi wasn’t eager about the idea until Amon suggested that he and Akai could wind up as a champion couple. Ihashi agreed right away. Nira however refused to take part because he wanted to be in the Iron Man Battle Royal instead. He only accepted when Tsurumi bowed to him and asked politely.


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