Ichigaya Nankai Memorial Clinic
70 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Ganbare☆Wrestling Joshi Grand Prix Final: Angela Ami defeated Haruka Kato with the Sliding Lariat (4:30).
2. Ganbare☆Wrestling Sansho Strongest Final – Special 3 Way Match: J-Soul Pandita III IV defeated Grampus Mask No. 4 and Hong Kong International Police Man when Pandita pinned both Grampus and Police Man (8:36).
3. Ganbare☆Wrestling Special Value Set Tag Match: Ken Ohka & Osamu Namiguchi defeated Yumehito Imanari & Tiger Bed Scene when Ohka pinned Scene with the Spear Of Flame (10:13).
4. Bonus Track Perfect Attendance Award Special Battle Royal: Match ended in a No Contest (2:38).
Order Of Elimination: Yumehito Imanari and Tiger Bed Scene, J-Soul Pandita III IV, Angela Ami, Hong Kong International Police Man, Osamu Namiguchi, Ken Ohka, Haruka Kato and Grampus Mask No. 4.
*Okada Sukinzu is given the award.

Today’s show was a big celebration for Ganbare☆Wrestling. Free food and drink was on offer for the fans in attendance. The matches were built around Awards that were handed out to different members of the roster.

The main event was a tag team match featuring Ken Ohka & Osamu Namiguchi (Best Bout Award) against Yumehito Imanari (Best Tag Award for Power Of Dreams) & Tiger Bed Scene (Newcomer Award) to determine the MVP of Ganpuro. Ohka pinned Tiger with the Spear Of Flame to be crowned MVP. Shota interrupted the end of show speech and threatend Ganpuro.

The 3 Way Match contained three award winners. J-Soul Pandita III IV (Fighting Spirit Award) took on Dr. Kiriko (Distinguished Service Medal) and Hong Kong International Police Man (Skills Laureate). Those paying attention realise that it should be impossible for Dr. Kiriko and Police Man to be in the same room at the same time. Police Man demanded that Kiriko prove he is the genuine doctor. Kiriko removed his costume to reveal he was actually Grampus Mask No. 4 in disguise! The two of them battled while Pandita fell asleep. Police Man and Grampus knocked each other out with Flying Kicks and a tired Pandita rolled itself onto both of them to get the victory.

Angela Ami and Haruka Kato fought over who deserved the Joshi Award. Ami won the match and said she will prepare a diet and develop a hybrid body for her match with Kana next month.

The final award to be given out was the Perfect Attendance Award. This was given to the winner of an impromptu Battle Royal at the end of the show. Eliminations applied for pinfalls, submissions and throwing someone out of the room through one of the window frames. The match had no winner as the final two contestants Haruka Kato and Grampus Mask No. 4 both fell through the frame. The only person left in the fighting area was referee Okada Sukinzu, so he was given the award.


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