DDT “DNA 3” Results


DDT “DNA 3”, 05/02/2015
Kitazawa Town Hall
215 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Kotaro Nasu defeated Kouki Iwasaki with the PK (8:51).
2. Jiro Kuroshio & Tomoya Kawamura defeated Dai Suzuki & Kikutaro when Kawamura pinned Suzuki with a Small Package (14:31).
3. Yuko Miyamoto defeated Suguru Miyatake with a Manji Cobra (12:21).
4. Shunma Katsumata defeated Kota Umeda with the Casadora (9:27).
5. Kazusada Higuchi defeated Ryota Nakatsu with the Todorokiten (21:30).

Both Kazusada Higuchi and Ryota Nakatsu went into the main event with something to prove. Higuchi wanted to continue his unbeaten run while Nakatsu wanted to break a losing streak he has developed since the last DNA show. There is also the story of Higuchi getting featured in Weekly Pro-Wrestling magazine and Nakatsu becoming jealous over it. The two fought for over 20 minutes and Nakatsu came close to ending it with a Triangle Choke followed by a Cross Armbreaker. But Higuchi powered out and Power Bombed Nakatsu. He then applied the Canadian Backbreaker and turned it into the Choke Slam for the three count. Higuchi calls that move the Todorokiten, which I think translates into Roaring Heaven. Higuchi bowed to Nakatsu after the match and said he didn’t expect someone with a small body to be so strong.

Suguru Miyatake’s challenges against wrestling veterans continued with a bout against Yuko Miyamoto. While nowhere near as violent as his match against Jun Kasai last month, Miyatake was still taken to school and he submitted to the Manji Cobra.

Tomoya Kawamura got to show some style when teaming with Jiro Kuroshio. He wrestled in a fedora, sleeveless jacket and tie. Their opponents Dai Suzuki & Kikutaro were more concerned with staying warm since the show was taking place during snowy weather.

Kotaro Nasu asked Kouki Iwasaki if he wanted another match after their opener. Iwasaki indicated that he wanted it.

The next DNA show will be in Kitazawa Town Hall on 2nd April. Matches announced so far are Kazusada Higuchi Vs Suguru Miyatake, Dai Suzuki Vs Tigers Mask and Taiji Ishimori Vs Shunma Katsumata.


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