Soma Injured, Max Bump Matches, Golden Roses For Union

March 31, 2015

Yokohama Radiant Hall

0. King Of Dark Title: Gota Ihashi (c) Vs Hiroshi Fukuda
1. Sanshiro Takagi & MIKAMI Vs Danshoku Dino & DJ Nira
2. Toru Owashi & Makoto Oishi Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Shunma Katsumata
3. Konosuke Takeshita Vs Kota Umeda
4. Kazuki Hirata Tokyo GO Numbers Game – 2nd Round: Kazuki Hirata Vs Yukio Sakaguchi
5. HARASHIMA, Akito & Yasu Urano Vs Kota Ibushi, Daisuke Sasaki & Suguru Miyatake
6. Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Daisuke Sekimoto, Yuji Okabayashi & Kazuki Hashimoto

There were two injuries coming out of “JUDGEMENT 2015” this past weekend. Soma Takao suffered an ankle injury and is unable to wrestle until 10th April at the earliest. Kota Ibushi sprained his middle and ring finger on his right hand but won’t miss any shows.

DDT “SAITAMA SLAM! VOL. 1”, 19/04/2015
Saitama Kasukabe Hall

0. King Of Dark Title: Gota Ihashi (c) Vs Tetsuya Endo

Tetsuya Endo cashes in his boobie prize from the Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Royal Rumble. I bet he’ll be glad to get rid of it.

DDT “MAX BUMP 2015”, 29/04/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Anytime, Anywhere Contention Battle Royal: X Vs X
2. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi (c) Vs Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie
3. KO-D Openweight Title: Kota Ibushi (c) Vs HARASHIMA

Two months after “SAITAMA SUPER DDT 2015” we get the rematch of the main event, unless somebody successfully cashes in their Ring To Challenge Contract. I mean it’s not like anybody in DDT watched Wrestlemania on Sunday and a lightbulb suddenly flashed over their head during the big main event angle… Anyway, the current contract holders are Yasu Urano, Hiroshi Fukuda, Kazusada Higuchi and Antonio Honda. Like last year wrestlers can lose the contract if they are pinned or submitted during any match in Japan.

There was one contract left unclaimed in the Right To Challenge Rumble. Another Battle Royal will decide who gets it. What it is for exactly won’t be known until the match is over.

UNION “GOLDEN UNION 2015”, 29/04/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title – 3 Way Match: Cherry (c) Vs Aoi Ishibashi Vs Hibiscus Mii
2. Isami Kodaka Vs Yukio Sakaguchi
3. Union MAX Title – 1,000 Rose Death Match: FUMA (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

FUMA’s ego has grown as quickly as his rise to the top in Union. So much so that he is willing to fight Shuji Ishikawa in a 1,000 Rose Death Match, a stipulation that has not been used in a year.

Hibiscus Mii (formerly Apple Miyuki) answered the call when Union went searching for someone to be in the Fly To Everywhere Title 3 Way Match.


DDT “DNA 3” Videos

March 30, 2015

DDT “DNA 3”, 05/02/2015
Kitazawa Town Hall
215 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Kotaro Nasu Vs Kouki Iwasaki

2. Dai Suzuki & Kikutaro Vs Jiro Kuroshio & Tomoya Kawamura

3. Yuko Miyamoto Vs Suguru Miyatake

4. Kota Umeda Vs Shunma Katsumata

5. Ryota Nakatsu Vs Kazusada Higuchi

DDT “JUDGEMENT 2015” Results

March 29, 2015


DDT “JUDGEMENT 2015”, 29/03/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2,200 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. King Of Dark Title: Gorgeous Matsuno defeated Gota Ihashi (c) with a Reverse Cross Armbreaker (4:09).
*D3 for Gota Ihashi.
1. Toru Owashi & Hoshitango defeated MIKAMI & Shunma Katsumata whn Owashi pinned Katsumata with the Nodowa Otoshi (7:49).
2. Next KO-D Tag Team Titles Challenger Final: Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie defeated KUDO & Yukio Sakaguchi when Irie pinned Sakaguchi with the Beast Bomber (10:00).
3. Sanshiro Takagi 20th Anniversary Falls Count Anywhere Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai defeated Kota Ibushi & Suguru Miyatake when Takagi pinned Miyatake with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb through a table (14:40).
4. DDT Extreme Title – Total Count Match: X=Shiori Asahi (c) (17) Vs Akito (17) ended in a draw (10:00).
4a. Sudden Death One Count Match: Akito defeated X=Shiori Asahi (c) with an Airplane Cradle (1:32).
*Shiori Asahi fails in V2. Akito becomes the 32nd DDT Extreme Champion!
5. Next KO-D Openweight Title Challenger And Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Battle Royal: HARASHIMA defeated Konosuke Takeshita with the Somato (23:35).
5a. Right To Challenge King Of Dark Title: Tetsuya Endo (8:21).
5b. Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere 1: Yasu Urano (8:21).
5c. Right To Host Box Office: Masa Takanashi (11:13).
5d. Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere 2: Hiroshi Fukuda (13:02).
5e. Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere 3: Kazusada Higuchi (15:24).
5f. Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere 4: Antonio Honda (17:16).
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi (c) defeated Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine when Okabayashi pinned Dino with the Konaki Golem Splash (16:10).
*V1 for Storng BJ.


The team of Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine were fully prepared for their KO-D Tag Team Title shot today. They both wore Machine masks and showed a Powerpoint presentation explaining how they plan to win. The presentation was titled “A Discussion Of The Tag Team Championship Challenges And Work-life Balance By A 37-Year-Old Duo”. Sasadango’s work-life balance is “Mold”, “Home”, “Graduate School”, “Local Talent Industry” and “Local Wrestler Business”. Dino’s balance is “Gay”, “Gay Time Writer”, “Security Guards”, “Gay Function Activities” and “Gay Wrestler”. They worked out that the champions’ balance is “Muscle Training”, “Wrestling”, “Muscle Training”, “Wrestling” and “Poseidon”. The solution to beat Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi was to create the Konaki Danshoku Driver, a double team version of Dino’s finisher. The move is named after Konaki Jijii from the manga GeGeGe no Kitarō. Sasadango puts on a Konaki Jijii costume which dramatically increases his weight and he leaps onto Dino’s back as he does the Danshoku Driver.


The challengers jumped the bell and did everything they could to get the advantage. A few DDT wrestlers interfered to help them and did so while wearing Machine masks. The challengers hit the Konaki Danshoku Driver on Okabayashi but Sekimoto was there to break the count. Frustrated, Dino & Sasadango removed their masks revealing that they are now both bald! They hit the Konaki Danshoku Driver again but Sekimoto breaks the pin once more. The champions turned the tables and Okabayashi got his hands on the Konaki costume. Okabayashi put on the costume, increasing his weight to 2 tons and hit the Golem Splash for the victory. After the match Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie came down to confirm their challenge for the KO-D Tag Titles on 29th April. That is the same date Ishii & Irie won the All Asia Tag Team Titles last year. Sekimoto told them to bring the best they got.


The Right To Challenge Battle Royal had eight prizes in total. The main one was a KO-D Openweight Title shot on 29th April in Korakuen Hall, which was given to HARASHIMA for winning the Royal Rumble portion of the match. He and Kota Ibushi didn’t play any games when they faced each other after the match. This time they accepted each other’s handshake.


The other seven prizes were in envelopes held above the ring. Each envelope had a different design on it except for two which both had a skull logo. Tetsuya Endo and Yasu Urano were the first to grab contracts while fighting over them at the top of the ladder. Urano got a Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract while Endo was gutted to find out he got a King Of Dark Title match. Masa Takanashi grabbed the smiley face envelope and got the rights to book his own DDT show. Hiroshi Fukuda snuck up the ladder during Kazuki Hirata’s dance entrance and got himself the 2nd Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract. Undefeated DNA rookie Kazusada Higuchi got the 3rd Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract and Antonio Honda got the 4th thanks to Konosuke Takeshita helping him up the ladder.


When the match was over there was still one contract remaining, the first time it has ever happened for this match. Amon Tsurumi decided the contract will go to a winner of another Battle Royal on 29th April. The contract holders were all interviewed after the match. Takanashi said he will think about when he will cash in his contract. Endo said he will cash in his King of Dark contract on 19th April in Saitama. Urano wants to win the KO-D Title fair and square so he will not cash in when the champion least expects it. Fukuda wants to consult with Barack Obama before he decides when to get his title match. Higuchi said he will get his title match in Sapporo Teisen Hall because he wants to win the title near his hometown. Honda declared he will not cash in until pollen season is over because his nose is currently stuffy.


Oh no! The hype backlash has begun for Shiori Asahi, although it is just as manufactured as his popularity. Amon Tsurumi is tired of Asahi being cheered so he instructed the fans to boo him instead just to mix things up. The fans played along and Asahi was stunned by the crowd turning on him when he came out. Akito on the other hand got a lot of support as the Total Count Match went on. With every second from a pinfall counting as a point, both wrestlers went with School Boys and Cradles to score quickly and often. Asahi took the lead by a wide margin but Akito came back and got the equalizing point right before the time limit expired. Sudden death quickly began and after 90 seconds of frantic scrambling, Akito got the winning pin count to regain the DDT Extreme Title! After the match Akito was thrilled to have the belt back and said the match taught him the importance of the one count.


Sanshiro Takagi wanted something crazy for his 20th anniversary and he got it. He & Jun Kasai fought Kota Ibushi & Suguru Miyatake in a wild Falls Count Anywhere match. Kasai and Ibushi were at each other’s throats for a lot of the match, brawling up to the balcony. There was a scary moment when Ibushi was lifted over the railing and was left hanging over ringside from the ledge! Tables, basins, a barbed wire baseball bat and the Combat Bicycle were all used during the match. Takagi splashed Miyatake through two tables and then Power Bombed him through a third while yelling “Congratulations 20th Anniversary!” to himself. Ibushi and Kasai had a staredown after the match.


March 28, 2015


UNION “MARCH OF UNION 2015”, 28/03/2015
Yokohama Radiant Hall
200 Fans

1. Mitomi Masayuki Comeback: Seiya Morohashi & Tomoya Kawamura defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Daisuke Kanehira when Morohashi submitted Masayuki with a Facelock (10:03).
2. Mio Shirai & Aoi Ishibashi defeated Ryu Gouma & Ladybeard when Ishibashi pinned Gouma with the Star Biscuit (8:19).
3. Madoka (w/ Harumi Tachibana) defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with a Small Package (7:06).
4. Isami Kodaka defeated Ryota Nakatsu with the Diving Double Knee Drop (12:24).
5. Yuki Sato defeated Yuuya Kubo with the Miracle Rod (10:39).
6. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry defeated Shu Shibutani with the Spring Night Love (8:03).
*V1 for Cherry.
7. FUMA, Kazushi Miyamoto & SAGAT (w/ MEN’S Teioh) defeated Shuji Ishikawa, Masato Shibata & Daichi Kazato when FUMA pinned Kazato with the Diving Headbutt (22:43).

FUMA’s new unit has been given a name. He now leads the King Legion because each wrestler is the “king” of something specific. FUMA is the King of Omnipotence, Kazushi Miyamoto is the King of Power, MEN’S Teioh is the King of Intelligence and SAGAT is the King of Love.

King Legion were successful over Union Sekigun in the main event. Daichi Kazato was left in a bloody mess after being targeted for much of the match. An angry Shuji Ishikawa tried to get his hands on FUMA after the match. FUMA decided his Union MAX Title match against Ishikawa in Korakuen Hall next month will be a 1,000 Rose Deathmatch! He will prove his overwhelming strength once and for all.

Despite coming up short, Shu Shibutani tearfully thanked Cherry for giving her a shot at the Fly To Everywhere Title before she retires in May. Aoi Ishibashi challenged Cherry for a shot but the champion wanted to defend the title against someone from overseas. Naomi Susan decided the Fly To Everywhere Title will be defended in a 3 Way Match on 24/9. Cherry and Ishibashi are involved and Union will look for a foreign wrestler to fill up the last spot.

Yuki Sato used some dirty tactics to beat Yuuya Kubo. When the referee was knocked out, a bamboo stick came into play and was fought over by the two wrestlers. When Kubo got it, Sato grabbed the ref and used him as a shield. Kubo stopped himself from hitting the ref but Sato grabbed the stick and used it to beat Kubo senseless before pinning him.

Isami Kodaka called Yukio Sakaguchi into the ring after his victory over Ryota Nakatsu. Kodaka and Sakaguchi will have a match together on 29th April. Sakaguchi said he was told the match was going to be fun but he thinks he will do something terrible to Kodaka, like kill him. Kodaka said he is prepared and that it will be a fun match for himself at least.

Madoka continued his advances towards Harumi Tachibana. This time he had a marriage contract ready for when she accepts his proposal. However Hiroshi Fukuda would suddenly proposed to Tachibana too! The two men fought each other over Tachibana and would take breaks in an attempt to woo her. Fukuda called Tachibana his Jasmine and sang the chorus to Beauty & The Beast. Madoka convinced Tachibana to help him and she put Fukuda in a Cobra Twist. She then slapped Fukuda and Madoka rolled him up with a Small Package for the win. Madoka eargly told Tachibana to go register their marriage but she refused. Fukuda asked if that means he can marry her. She said no. But she still wants to stay with Madoka. Madoka asked if that meant they could still get married someday in the future? She said yes. That’s good enough for Madoka!

Before the second match began, Ryu Gouma called Mio Shirai “amazingly stupid”, calling back to their December match when Mio was given a quiz and she got every answer wrong. Gouma complimented his tag partner Ladybeard for being a master of Japanese proverbs which he proved there and then. Gouma challenged Shirai & Aoi Ishibashi to a quiz while they wrestled. He seemed to get more powerful for every question the women got wrong. However he soon resorted to cheating when he grabbed his statute book. Shirai grabbed it off him and Ishibashi took advantage of the distraction to pin the lawyer.

Niconico Super Pro Wrestling, Isami Vs Sakaguchi, Thanks M.I.O

March 26, 2015


Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall

The annual Niconico Chokaigi Super Conference in Japan will be hosting some wrestling events but it won’t be just any kind of pro wrestling. It will be Super Pro Wrestling!. The ring will be provided by phone company au and five shows are scheduled to take place. Genichiro Tenryu and Bob Sapp will be part of the main show along with talent from DDT and Michinoku Pro. Also scheduled is an Idol Wrestling show featuring girls from Tokyo Joshi Pro, an Ikeman show for the female audience, Yuru-chara Pro Wrestling featuring company mascots from all over Japan and Live Game Wrestling where matches will be booked by a popular Let’s Play channel called M.S.S Project.

There will be a special item for sale at the Super Pro Wrestling booth throughout the weekend. A limited edition “Yoshihiko Smartphone Piledriver” iPhone cover will be available for 1,300 yen and there will only be 1,000 of them available.

Niconico is a video streaming site so it’s possible the wrestling shows will be streamed live somewhere during the weekend.

UNION “GOLDEN UNION 2015”, 29/04/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Isami Kodaka Vs Yukio Sakaguchi
2. Union MAX Title: FUMA (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Isami Kodaka believes he and Yukio Sakaguchi will give each other tremendous pain but that is what will make it a fun match.

Osaka Ikuno Kumen Center

1. 3 Way Match: Sonoko Kato Vs Ryo Minami Vs Mitsuhisa Sunabe
2. Psuedo Close Match: HAYATE, Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto Vs Yumi Ohka, Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto
3. Mio Thank Match: Mio Shirai Vs Takashi Sasaki

The third M.I.O show has Mio Shirai going up against Takashi Sasaki. With retirement on the horizon, Shirai is not shying away from giving herself tough challenges.

Judgement, DNA 4, Street Wrestling, Biishiki-gun, Ganbare Anniversary

March 23, 2015

DDT “JUDGEMENT 2015”, 29/03/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. King Of Dark Title: Gota Ihashi Vs Gorgeous Matsuno
1. Toru Owashi & Hoshitango Vs MIKAMI & Shunma Katsumata
2. Sanshiro Takagi 20th Anniversary Falls Count Anywhere Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai Vs Kota Ibushi & Suguru Miyatake
3. Next KO-D Tag Team Titles Challenger Final: Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie Vs KUDO & Yukio Sakaguchi
4. Next KO-D Openweight Title Challenger And Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Battle Royal: HARASHIMA Vs Yasu Urano Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Masa Takanashi Vs Daisuke Sasaki Vs Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Soma Takao Vs Antonio Honda Vs Konosuke Takeshita Vs Tetsuya Endo Vs Kazuki Hirata Vs DJ Nira Vs Hiroshi Fukuda Vs Kazusada Higuchi Vs Kouki Iwasaki
5. DDT Extreme Title – Total Count Match: X (c) Vs Akito
*X is Shiori Asahi.
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi (c) Vs Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine

The Total Count Match is a ten minute Ironman match where a point is scored for every second you pin your opponent. A one count sudden death overtime takes place if there is a tie at the end.

DDT “DNA 4”, 02/04/2015
Kitazawa Town Hall

1. Ryota Nakatsu & Kota Umeda Vs Kazuhiro Tamura & Ryuichi Sekine
2. Tomoya Kawamura Vs Kouki Iwasaki
3. Shunma Katsumata Vs Taiji Ishimori
4. Dai Suzuki Vs Tigers Mask
5. Kazusada Higuchi Vs Suguru Miyatake

The undefeated Kazusada Higuchi goes against Suguru Miyatake, the wrestler who has so far gained the highest profile out of all the DNA roster.

Fukuoka Kitakyushu Palace

1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles Match: KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi (c) Vs Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao

The former champions have called for their automatic rematch. Will the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles quickly change hands again or can a team finally get a good run going??

Shizuoka Izuguranparu Park

4 Way Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai Vs Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki Vs Danshoku Dino & Saki Akai Vs Gota Ihashi & Suguru Miyatake

DDT brings its Anywhere Pro Wrestling to Izuguranparu Park, the largest location yet for their street wrestling antics.


1. Biishiki-gun Vs Bust Deluxe: Saki Akai & Ai Shimizu Vs Nonoko & Akane Miura
2. Miyu Yamashita Vs KANNA

KANNA wants to prove she is not beneath Miyu Yamashita’s level after they lost to Biishiki-gun on the last show. Yamshita has beaten KANNA in all five singles match they’ve had in Tokyo Joshi.

With the formation of Biishiki-gun, Saki Akai is making enemies everywhere in Tokyo Joshi Pro. She and Ai Shimizu have now been challenged by Bust Deluxe after Akai called both of them pigs.


1. You Can Bet The Name Of Yoshino: Osamu Namiguchi Vs Kotaro Yoshino
2. Special Single Match: GENTARO Vs Chikara
3. Special Tag Match: Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari Vs Shibata & Tomoya Kawamura

Ganpuro’s feud with Union Pro took a turn when Shibata, a fighter who has been involved with Ganpuro for almost a year turned his back on the company. Shibata believes Ganpuro lacks the fiery passion Ken Ohka often claims it has.


March 22, 2015


117 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Who’s Next REVERSE RIZAP: Angela Ami defeated Haruka Kato with a Sliding Lariat (9:55).
2. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs K-DOJO: Osamu Namiguchi & Tiger Bedscene defeated Yoshihiro Horaguchi & Kotaro Yoshino when Namiguchi pinned Horaguchi with a Diving Foot Stomp (8:34).
3. SUPER DIRECTOR’S FIGHT: Yumehito Imanari Vs Shibata ended in a No Contest when Tomoya Kawamura interfered (3:16).
3a. Shibata & Tomoya Kawamura defeated Yumehito Imanari & Tiger Bedscene when Shibata submitted Imanari with the Hell’s Gate (7:36).
4. Special Tag Team Match: GENTARO & Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Yukihiro Abe & Chikara when GENTARO submitted Abe with the Sharpshooter (16:20).
5. Special Single Match: Ken Ohka defeated Shota with the Spear Of Flame (12:20).

The main event was a grudge match between Ken Ohka and Shota. Ohka was looking to get revenge on Shota for turning his back on Ganbare☆Wrestling. Shota removed one of the turnbuckle covers but that proved to be his undoing. Ohka hit the Spear Of Flame and got the victory. Shota admitted he saw the error of his ways and announced he was graduating from Ganpuro. Ohka said he’s not going to stop Shota from leaving but pleaded Shota to continue wrestling and to come back someday.

GENTARO challenged Chikara to a singles match at the next show. Chikara accepted but the two had to be kept apart when tensions rose between them.

The match between Yumehito Imanari and Shibata was called off when Union’s Tomoya Kawamura entered the ring. Kawamura acted like he was on Imanari’s side but instead turned on him and joined Shibata in a beatdown until Tiger Bedscene came to the rescue. Shibata said there is not enough fire in Ganpuro and together he and Kawamura will burn it down in flames. An impromptu tag match began and Shibata got the victory with a steel chair attack followed by the Hell’s Gate submission. After the main event Shibata challenged Ohka and Imanari to a tag match on 18th April.

Osamu Namiguchi and Kotaro Yoshino got into a fight after Match #2. Namiguchi told Yoshino and Yoshihiro Horaguchi they have no guts.

Angela Ami graduated from Ganbare☆Wrestling after her victory over Haruka Kato. Yumehito Imanari was proud of her progress since his URRC project began and felt now was the time for her to move on. Ken Ohka said that while Angela Ami will no longer be in Ganpuro, Manami Kanda will soon return.