Shirai & Ohka To Team Again, Endo’s King Of Dark Replacement, Super Cinderella


1. Special Mixed Tag Match: Yukihiro Abe & Manami Kanda Vs Shinichiro Tominaga & Haruka Kato
2. Berserk Mammal Vs Foreign Mystery: J-Soul Pandita III IV Vs Mr. AKIBA
3. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs K-DOJO: Tiger Bedscene Vs Yoshihiro Horaguchi
4. You Can Bet The Name Of Yoshino: Osamu Namiguchi Vs Kotaro Yoshino
5. Special Single Match: GENTARO Vs Chikara
6. Special Tag Match: Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari Vs Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki (w/ Tomoya Kawamura)

During a promotional event for the show, Mio Shirai appeared and asked Ken Ohka to team up with her on the 29th April Union show at Korakuen Hall. They’ve had their differences in the past. When Shirai began wrestling for Union Ohka became smitten with her. He stalked her but Shirai caught him every time and choked him out with the Figure Four Neck Lock. They later became a tsundere tag team, sticking together until Ohka left Union to form Ganbare☆Wrestling. Ohka at first refused Shirai’s request. After losing the war against Union he feels that he would be lowering himself by returning there. But when Shirai tearfully asked him to reconsider, Ohka changed his mind and agreed to join her on 29th April.

Tomoya Kawamura pulled out of the main event. Taking his place is his Union colleague Mitomi Masayuki returning to Ganbare☆Wrestling for the first time since his suspension.

Mr. AKIBA is an American otaku who approached Ohka for an opportunity to become a wrestler. Once he went away Ohka decided AKIBA will fight the monster J-Soul Pandita III IV.

DDT “SAITAMA SLAM! VOL. 1”, 19/04/2015
Saitama Kasukabe Hall

0. King Of Dark Title: Gota Ihashi (c) Vs Yasu Urano
1. Kazusada Higuchi Vs Kouki Iwasaki
2. 4 Way Match: MIKAMI Vs Danshoku Dino Vs Antonio Honda Vs Saki Akai
3. Yukio Sakaguchi Vs Suguru Miyatake
4. HARASHIMA & X Vs Keisuke Ishii & Soma Takao
5. Kazuki Hirata Tokyo GO! Numbers Game – Round 3: Kazuki Hirata Vs KUDO
6. BOYZ-gun Vs YaroZ-gun: Kota Ibushi, Makoto Oishi, Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi, Shigehiro Irie & Tomomitsu Matsunaga
7. DDT Extreme Title – Iron Man Match: Akito (c) Vs Daisuke Sasaki

30 minutes isn’t enough fo Akito and Daisuke Sasaki. A 60 minute Iron Man Match will determine who deserves to be the DDT Extreme Champion.

Tetsuya Endo’s foot injury has not healed so he will not be able to compete on the show. A replacement was needed for the King Of Dark Title match. Amon Tsurumi picked Yasu Urano to take Endo’s place and “challenge” for the title. Tsurumi explained that during the Right To Challenge Rumble Urano secretly swapped his prize with Endo’s when the referee wasn’t looking. So when it was time to reveal who got what, Urano got the Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract while Endo got the King Of Dark Title shot booby prize. Amon (and the audience) knew this at the time but he kept silent on the matter until now. Amon also announced that the winner of the match has to work double duty and will team with HARASHIMA later in the show.


1. BEST OF THE SUPER CINDERELLA Final: Hong Kong International Police Woman Vs Miyako Matsumato

So far only two women have signed up for Ganbare☆Wrestling’s joshi offshoot. If there are no more additions by the time the show takes place then the BEST OF THE SUPER CINDERELLA tournament will only be one match long. Mio Shirai flatly turned down an invitation to compete.


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