Shizuoka Izuguranparu Park
500 Fans – Super No Vacancy

4 Way Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai defeated Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki, Danshoku Dino & Saki Akai and Gota Ihashi & Suguru Miyatake when Kasai pinned Ihashi with the Pearl Harbour Splash from a 110m long slide through a table (1:05:31).



Izuguranparu Park is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and DDT did its part by holding a street wrestling match there. This was the largest area for a match DDT has ever wrestled in. Sanshiro Takagi claimed that 220,000 square metres of land was the maximum range they could fight in. The match begun in a small square acting as a makeshift ring. Takagi came out with a guitar and Gota Ihashi was armed with a steel basin. Danshoku Dino was not acting like a Buddhist pilgrim and was back to his normal self just for today. Jun Kasai was jealous of the crowd support for Saki Akai and stomped on a fan’s sign that was made for Akai.


Obviously the match could never be contained in the square and the action quickly spread across the park. They reached the adventure park where there was nets, swings and a low zipline for everyone to do moves from. Next up was a public restroom where everyone took a quick toilet break. After that they found a go kart track and had an imprompty race. Takagi & Kasai came first and afterwards they tried to run over everyone else.


The match travelled over to River Island where there was a water slide for the wrestlers to dunk each other in. Daisuke Sasaki was dunked the most. Takagi returned with the Combat Bicycle and easily beat Kota Ibushi on a small Ladybug Bike. Unfortunately Takagi then crashed straight into Kasai on another Ladybug Bike. Dino then threw Takagi into a castle of chairs that was set up nearby.


Ibushi found the trampoline play area and immediately jumped in. He bounced Suguru Miyatake with the Sit Down Power Bomb and then did a Bouncing Phoenix Splash onto Ihashi. Elsewhere Kasai and Sasaki found a shooting gallery and had a duel with cork guns. Kasai tried to take a female fan hostage with his cork gun. Ibushi with the help of Dino stuck a cork gun up Ihashi’s backside. Dino then stuck the same cork gun up Takagi’s nose.


When that was done all eight wrestlers went to a lake where there was floating water spheres for them to enter. Sasaki put Miyatake in the Cross Facelock inside one of the spheres. Apparantly Miyatake gave up but Yukinori Matsui was outside the sphere and couldn’t hear him.


As the match length was heading towards one hour the match moved over to its final location, the 110m long Super Slide! Makoto Oishi was there and he held Ihashi in place at the bottom as wrestler after wrestler plunged down the slide to Dropkick him. Dino was the last one and he intentionally crotched himself on Ihashi.


There was also a zipline next to the slide and Miyatake used it to slam himself into his opponents until Takagi sprayed him with a hydrant of carbon dioxide gas. With an opportunity to win the match presenting itself, Takagi found a table and placed Ihashi on top of it while Kasai climbed up the slide. Kasai positioned himself over Ihashi and hit the Pearl Harbour Splash from the slide through the table!


After the match Kasai told Takagi that while the height of his jump was no big deal, the table was still positioned too close to the slide and could have been very dangerous. Kasai has a policy to think before he dives. Takagi apologised. Everyone then went back to the starting area where they met the president of the park and also held a Q&A session for the fans.


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