120 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Special Tag Match: Yukihiro Abe & Chikara defeated Hayato Mashita & Kotaro Nasu when Abe pinned Nasu with the Ring Management (10:00).
2. SURVIVAL IS BACK!: Mr. No defeated Survival Tobita with the Diving Headbutt (3:33).
3. Special Tag Match: GENTARO & Osamu Namiguchi defeated Shinichiro Tominaga & Tiger Bedscene when Namiguchi pinned Bedscene with the Lanakila-X (13:28).
4. Student Of The Rainbow Vs Blackjack Of The Rubbish Heap: Minoru Fujita defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Reverse Viper Hold (9:30).
4a. Special Match: Minoru Fujita defeated Tiger Bedscene with the Reverse Viper Hold (1:38).
5. Enjo-gun Presents Special Handicap Match: Ken Ohka defeated Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki when Ohka pinned Masayuki with the Spear Of Flame (16:36).

Shibata’s promise of fighting fair and square in the main event went out the window when he attacked Ken Ohka with a stick. However Shibata was attacked by his partner Mitomi Masayuki for cheating. With Shibata out of the way Masayuki and Ohka continued to fight without resorting to dirty tactics. Ohka pinned Masayuki with the Spear Of Flame but Shibata refused to recognise that as Ohka beating Enjo-gun. Shibata challenged Ohka to a singles match and left ringside.

Masayuki admitted that although he wanted to crush Ganbare☆Wrestling he gained respect for Ohka when he saw him win the KO-D Openweight Title. He is now inspired by Ohka’s growth from lowly wrestler to champion and hopes he himself can achieve the same. Masayuki pleaded with Ohka for a match and it was accepted for 27th July.

Although Minoru Fujita been welcomed into Ganpuro he his starting to cause some problems. After going through a lot of effort travelling to the show, Fujita wasn’t satisfied with just beating Yumehito Imanari. He challenged Tiger Bedscene to a match and quickly beat him too. Fujita criticised the Ganpuro talent for not advancing after two and a half years. He then called out Ohka but got a confrontation with Chikara instead.

Tensions were heated between Shinichiro Tominaga and GENTARO. The two had to be seperated after their tag match. A singles match between the two was booked for 27th July.

Mr. No made quick work of Survival Tobita in Tobita’s first Ganpuro match in over a year. Tobita thinks Mr. No has a weakness and he will soon find out what it is.

The two teams in the opener continued fighting after the match until Ohka seperated them. In order to make peace Ohka asked if the four had anything in common. They admitted to either liking Star Wars, AKB48, Love Live!, Invasion of Astro-Monster and Morning Musume. Ohka called them all nerds but at least they were now getting along.


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