Shin-kiba 1st RING
460 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Exercise & Stretch DVD Launch – All Out Stretch War: Seiya Morohashi (Kasiwa) defeated Kazuki Hirata (Yoyogi-Uehara) with the Crippler Crossface (7:38).
2. World Triangle Match: Louis Takanashi XIV (France) defeated Hoshitango (Argentina) and Hiroshi Fukuda (America) when Takanashi pinned Fukuda with the Takatonic (5:41).
3. World Dream Match – Full Blown Italian Showdown Final Conclusion: Antonio Honda & Sasaki And Gabbana (Italy) defeated Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang (China) when Gabbana pinned Shiryu with a Backward Rolling Cradle (13:33).
4. Lucha Extremadura Jasu: Sanshiro Takagi (Osaka), Toru Owashi (Nagano) & Kazuki Hirata (Yoyogi-Uehara) defeated HERO! (Hero City), Mascara Guerrera Jr. (Rainbow City) & Brazo de Gotha (Ebisuko Tavern) when Hirata pinned Gotha with the Mad Splash (15:19).

Today’s Beer Garden show had a bit of an international flavour to it. The T2Hide group were in charge and they wanted to do some Lucha Libre. Their opponents in the main event were three luchadors including the return of HERO! He was joined by Mascara Guerrera Jr. who tried to give Lip Locks to all of the wrestlers, and Brazo de Gotha who was fighting on behalf of the Ebisuko Tavern. T2Hide came close to losing the match but help came in the form of Seiya Morohashi wearing the Hirata GO! glasses. Kazuki Hirata hit the Mad Splash on Gotha for the three count. He told Morohashi after the match he is a terrible dancer but he thanked him for his help.

The Italian 4 Horsemen was represented for the first time in over five years as Antonio Honda returned to his Italian phase to team with Sasaki And Gabbana. They were able to beat their Chinese opponents by blinding them with “Italian Powder”.

French wrestler Louis Takanashi XIV won his match with the help of some Death Cakes that were thrown into his opponents’ faces.

Kazuki Hirata and Seiya Morohashi had a match to determine who was the better stretch trainer. Hirata had the power of his GO! glasses but Morohashi took them off while applying the Crippler Crossface. Hirata tapped out and Morohashi left with the glasses. He would return with them later as mentioned above.

At the beginning of the show Sanshiro Takagi considered changing the name of T2Hide in order to become more appealing around the world. He suggested the new name should be KAT-TOO and he held up the same sign Makoto Oishi made when he revealed his KAT-TOO team three days ago.

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